Level up objectives


@kalishane With increasingly high milestones, more 5 stars available and of course the huge amount of points you get for 6 stars doing the objectives is mostly a waste of time, can these be rebalanced in line with milestones to be more relevant.


When I first started playing it would take about 30 of the third objective (level up t3/ultra rare or better 30 levels) to complete milestones now it’s 250! This needs to be looked at, also it’s about time we had an extra objective of t4/epic or better.


At least throw us better rewards such as legndary gear geesh throw us a bone lol


Lol such a great deal right make us deplete our resources :joy:


The level up objectives need to be changed. When you level a character you now have 6 colored tiers and only 2 trait. So now in faction level up when a trait objective shows up it gets hard to move. Maybe make objectives all color and drop the traits