Level up objectives still broken

Level up objectives are still broken for many players. My 3k objective hasn’t displayed right in months. Example, here is my objectives screen, along with a shot of the character lvl up screen where I can see what the real objective is. The one from the main objectives list is wrong and you cannot make progress towards it.

Support keeps telling me to leave the game open on the maps screen, play on a faster connection (faster than 30mb internet on wifi?) . Yeah, tried all that, tried reinstalling and playing on a different device too. Maybe fix a bug that’s been documented in this forum by various players for over a year?

I stopped paying attention to them after they increased the level up values. They just aren’t even worth bothering with to me.


The rewards are so bad I don’t even try to achieve them

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I usually at least go for the 1.25mil milestone, pick up a Lilith for not to much work. Just noticed this morning that the 1.25 milestone is no longer a Lilith… Pretty sure it has almost always been one, unless I am confusing it with faction. Regardless, the rewards are terrible.

I used to say that constant level ups were ok, just get rewards for what you would do anyway, but these rewards are so bad, not even worth a few clicks.

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