Level up objectives need a boost


While the recent changes to level up scoring were definitely needed to rebalance six stars and new milestones, there is one last part that needs adjusting… objectives.

I recently won a solo level up with about 4 mil points, and I don’t think I hit the third objective a single time. When giving a 5 star a single level is equal to the most difficult objective, there just isn’t a point. They really need to be rescaled with the new points in mind.

Prior to 6 stars, the most points you could receive from a single level was 2k. Which means the solo objectives were 0.5 times, 1.5 times, 4 times, and 2.5 times. With the new adjustment, these numbers are way off. What was once 2k is now 7k. Plus, you have all of the 6 star points as a possibility.

At a minimum, the objectives need to be scaled up by a factor of 3.5 to match the t4 5 star change. That means they should be 3.5k, 10.5k, 28k, and 17.5k respectively to match the new structure. If you want to scale them to match t4 6 stars, then you can double all of those scores. Only then will the objectives be an important part of level ups again.

The same needs to be done for faction level ups.

Level up event Make goals higher in points

Um what


Not following either.


ye they need a point boost :stuck_out_tongue:




They are no longer worth getting. They used to play a significant role in level ups.


Before objectives was the way to go for most efficient win. Now you may as well ignore them. For 8k per objective in a solo levelup that requires 40 levels you can just level one 5 star t4 one level. Recent buff made objectives meaningless.


The people you’re facing in solo level ups have the same point values for their objectives, so what’s the point?


There used to be two valid ways to score in level ups. Massive amounts of high tier 5 stars or lots of objectives. Ideally you could be strategic and do both at the same time. Now there isn’t any point to objectives meaning it is all just brute force and no strategy at all. Just level you five stars and whoever has the most food/toons wins.




It’s still wayyy too early for that. 2mil should be the highest until we have plenty of 6*s at T4.:unamused:


That’s not what he’s saying… what he is saying is the points for meeting objectives, ie 40 levels of ultra rare or better tough, needs to be rescaled to take into account the new point tiers, ie a t4 5* went from 2k a level to 7k, making the objectives pointless and mostly a waste to even try to hit.


Oh my mistake.Yeah then in that case I agree.


This would be great, the lvl up objectives are meaningless now.
@kalishane please take it to the team ASAP.


Can we get any response on this issue please? @kalishane @CombatMan @CombatDevIl



Indeed they do, but this week is Holy Pancake-man (protector of pancakes) so it will be delayed for few months like always. But definitely it is taken to the team and may pancakes be with you.


Is there any chance you improve level up objective points in the near future? Im sitting on tons of 3- and 4 star characters just because of objectives, and its fkin annoying you made all of my savings meaningless. An answer could be great after ~2months. @kalishane @Agrajag @CombatMan @CombatDevIl OR anyone who is responsible for this f*ked-up event economy.

Thanks in advance.