Level Up Necklaces

Here we are with under 2 days to go for the necklace collection. Despite hitting the 500k every LUp , 1,250,000 twice and 2 mill once, I still need a top 10 finish for the worst reward and I am not in the most competitive of regions. It doesn’t help that they have changed the times to a 6am UK finish so I have gone to bed in the top 30 and woke up in the 50’s a few times, hmmm wonder why they suddenly changed times to a US favourable at the same time they dropped reward cutoff to 50. On the plus side the low end toons are really not worth caring about missing out on.

Anyone else remember Kalishane saying the glut of LUps was the new methodology that was designed to benefit us by giving rewards for the basic levelling process so we didn’t have to wait for a competition to progress our toons. Now it seems the main reward is part of a month long borefest which most will remain deep in the s**t and not even climb to the bottom rung of the reward ladder.

It just gets so wearisome to play for a month to be rewarded with less depot points than I get from a couple of war crates. At least with individual tournement rewards you could target one, play hard and at least have a chance of hitting a worthwhile prize.

Can’t be bothered writing anymore, apathy rules OK


I won’t be getting any character. I would need top 3 to even get 1.


I won’t be getting any toon either. Been hitting high milestones, but I’m in an extremely competitive region. Guess that just sucks for me.

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Everyone saw this coming. Miserable event. A month of level ups for nothing.


Pathetic event. Even Jeremiah is not obtainable.

The US vs. UK time zone part of your rant is irrelevant, and you could have tried harder, but yes, this event did kind of suck.


Just checked my LUp History

2 x 2 mill
3 x 1.25 mill
1 x 900 k

My history goes no further but it will be better than my original post to miss out by 500 necklaces.

If you genuinely think that is not deserving of hitting the worst prize then I think that says more about your expectations than mine.

That wasn’t my main complaint but I was pushed out of top 50 at least once when I slept. I think it is an advantage to be awake at the end of a tourney to put an extra 100jk on your score to stay at 49.

I could get 8000 if I finish top 10, but I have to guess how many points are scored in the last 6 hrs or so

But as I say, that was a minor point

Well OP, I didn’t say it was a major point. But if you truly wanted the (subpar at best) characters, you should have scored much higher.

Last five level ups excluding this one
1.25m, 2m, 2m, 2m, 500k
And will finish a few hundred short of 8k if I stay top 50

Constant level ups were done “for us” the same way coins were removed from most of Season rewards “for us” to improve competition.

My point isn’t really about me missing out. As you say I could easily have targeted fewer events to try make sure I got paid out.

My point really is about the effort = reward equation. Do you genuinely think that 2 x 2 mill, 3 x 1,250 mill & a 900k should miss out on the bottom prize. I don’t , you may and I wouldn’t knock you for it. We all have our opinions and expectations.

Until recently you could not try in an event for 2 days if you didn’t fancy it. This new way of doing things ties you in for a month, so if the new one is not to your taste then wait till March. I would hope for a little bit more on the reward side before putting in the amount of effort required.

Eric is a good toon and I would expect only the most committed to achieve it, Jeremiah is pretty average and in my opinion should not be as difficult to achieve as it is. That is all. I am not crying that I am not getting a prize, I just think the effort = reward equation is nowhere near balanced.

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If you really want Eric, get him from acendance. But why spread out the points? Just go try hard once in a level up, and there, no more work for the rest of the month AND you get what you wanted.


I have Eric from ascendance.

It is easy to say ignore the event but where do the batteries come from, the sunflower tokens plus other things from prior LUps I can’t remember.

You need to achieve a certain level in milestones for the other gear which does matter.

Well just do the milestones, that’s what I’ve been doing. It’s not difficult at all to get at least 500K.

I managed a couple top 10 placements and a 2nd placement. Top 50 for the majority of the rest (which has almost always been at least 2 million) managed to pick up Yvette and now i have almost 3k necklaces left over. Apart from being completely drained of resources, this structure is terrible. And i hope it was a one off.


Have to admit out of all the events run over the years this is by far the worst one of all time @JB.Scopely we get that grinding is part of it but the fact that Jeremiah is not even attainable for most leaves a sour taste.

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We can all agree on the fact that this event structure really sucked. Let us hope Scopely does not follow this with future events.


I scored 2 mill beacause I maxed Eric
I scored another 2 mill when I bought and maxed Naya

All the points I scored were in spite of the event not because of it. There was no strategy to win anything

I posted my record purely to quantify what i had done to achieve no reward, for others to say if they agreed or not, and hopefully encourage a more reasoned discussion rather than just “You should have tried harder”

As I said before this isn’t about my success or failure, but what Scopely expect for you to achieve even minimal reward from it. I still hope this game will improve and it’s events like this that just suck a little enjoyment from the game.

Anyway I only started this cos I was watching the football and it’s over, so if you agree you agree and if you don’t you don’t.

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Your best bet was to actually put all those scores into 1 LU, win first, then relax for the rest of the event.

I put in about 7.9Mil in the first LU for first, took Yvette and relaxed.