Level up milestones


Level up milestones are way too high. Please lower them. People don’t have tons of 6* laying around.


People have asked them numerous times, anyone that can read can “take it to the team” it’s quite obvious that their number one priority as of lately is to take a big steaming :poop: on top of everyone of the people that keep them having a job! The don’t give a flying f***


I am so sick of people crying about milestones being too high.
They are optional! And the few people who put in the time to score 2 mil deserve to have more prizes than the nubs scoring 150K.
Come to terms with the fact that the milestones are not participation trophies-I know you all received trophies in little league even if you were the worst team but this isn’t little league.
Plan ahead and work or spend to get the milestone or…and here is a novel idea…don’t.
The sense of entitlement is just insane


They may be optional but if your new museum character depends on them and your top players can’t even get close something is Wrong


I think it’s more that the milestones should contain better rewards, versus them being too high. At least give out more exclusive rewards for 2 million, which would entice players to actually go for it.


I can’t/won’t totally get behind lowering the milestones because…a few reasons BUT I see no reason why the lower milestone brackets (which I don’t even remeber the values of because it’s been long enough since I’ve seen them) that previously existed have ceased to exist. I think it’s fine if they want to put in 1 mil and 2 mil (the consistency and appropriateness in value of those milestones is another debate however) but why get rid of the 10k, 25k whatever there was before? If the UI is what constrains there to only be 6 brackets on screen at a time… change it. Have 8 or 10.

10k - low amount of event items, gear piece, gear pieve
25k - more but still low amount of event items, gear piece x2
100k - moderate amount of event items, 5*- early 6* gear x2
150k - refer to current milestone
250k - refer to current milestone
500k - high amount of event items, flak, beanie
750k - really high amount of event items, schoolbag/talkie bag, t3 6* gear bag
1.25 mil - 5k 5* tokens, watch/radio bag, t3 6* gear bag
2 mil - 10k 5* tokens or guaranteed ascendable 5*, canteen/gps bag, t4 6* gear bag

The little guy can atleast get something. The big guy is rewarded for going above. Problem solved.


There’s always one person that has no clue wtf is really going on, that’s the stupidest thing I have ever read in the fourms, congratulations scopely should hire you immediately you would fit in great on the support team


get em’ George!


Omg ,how many more times do we have to read this. No duh, it’s been discussed plenty of times already. Go farm and raid instead of making another thread about level up being to high. Maybe if you farm more, you could gain more items to use to get those 6* you dont have.


That is true but the game is not just for top players. I am not saying to give the struggling noobs the high end prizes but it would be nice if they could get something. Maybe a couple hard hats or hiking boots for a few thousand points.


This is exactly how it should have been treated, have the high milestones (but make them worth it) but keep stuff for the new players as well, If I started this game now and saw that I couldn’t get anything at all from these tournaments I don’t think I would stay around.

As it is 2 mil is doable occasionally, and isn’t supposed to be hit every time, but they should have made the rewards for hitting it actually worth the resources it takes to get there. 1 piece of gear just isn’t enough to entice anybody to really go for it.


I agree high milestones deserve higher rewards but not this stuff they are giving out,in our region only 1 person has hit the million,and 33 hit 500k at the min we are seeing a decline as there is no point in there rewards madness as well as this people are fed up with solo after solo level ups and hardly any fodder to hit these,I want a beanie but I’m not wasting my energy to hit 500k for it I’ll just plod on and wait.


Looking at my 3 regions so far for this levelup

Chilton (Whale Central Region)-12 people have hit the million milestone so far.

Crenshaw-2 people have hit the million milestone so far

Ben Hill-1 person has hit the million milestone so far


Game is also for players to develop themselves as are the tournaments , couple of extra mile stones wouldn’t be bad for the Noobs , world doesn’t revolve around the top players , I’m pretty decent and I don’t hit all the mile stones , cheers bobby


PSmike totally agree my faction has loads of people with 4* teams working there way up and not one of them are hitting the 150k as they don’t have the gear to hit the targets and again they are getting disssapointed and not motivated to play the game,scopely can’t u see what ur doing to the game even newer people are no longer enjoying the game with the rewards you give out to everyone.


the survivor suggestion


Biggest problem I see with level ups is the frequency. After releasing 6 stars almost exclusively in premier pulls (after saying they would never be there) and not giving out any actual toons as prizes, many of us have refused to pull anymore. This has now left us with a huge shortage of leveling toons. I have a roster of 240 5 stars and almost all are maxed out at this point. Without giving us more (ascendable as promised) avenues at obtaining 6 star toons and without giving toons as war prizes, scopely has strangled many of our level up resources rendering it nearly impossible to achieve half of the milestones.


Looks about right.