Level-Up Milestone Improvement (Thank You)

While it may not make a massive, immediate difference, I really am proud of y’all putting league tokens in the level-up milestones. I know, myself, I’m able to obtain Tier 4 gear much easier. Please do not change this feature.

I find that I can probably now tier 4 a 6* every 2-3 weeks, which while still slow, is faster than I was able to prior without spending

Thanks again Scopely :slight_smile:


Or they can just make a six star gear roadmap :man_shrugging:t2:


That would make it easer & more enjoyable. Especially for noobs (like myself), to build teams and compete, with the big dogs.

That’s why it won’t happen. Got to keep those whale egos up


Point takin.

I would probably be A whale too, if paying money for it.

Shame Faction Raid milestones stink…
I don’t even go for top milestone anymore.

But yeah level ups decent.

I stopped at 1800. Can always use gold mods but lvl up has been great.

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