Level up leaks? Anyone?

Want to hit milestones anyone know what I should expect later tonight? Level up top prize? Be.nice if they had s class collectibles.

Raulito stuff and Uselysses. Otherwise pretty much the same as last time.

Yep cut and paste

Raulito useless bullets for lvl event

I actually would have been excited about bullets being added pre Mercer.
But S class being added to the wheels somehow has made the grind for S class through collections more depressing now.


Feeling exactly the same, let’s grind for no advantage :pensive:


Wait until next week.Scopely gonna sell stun resist platinium mods for 99.99$ :slight_smile:

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Yay I need raulito stuff since Im 3k keys away from pete.

Infection and normalize for his Mercer’s bitch ass

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