Level-up "gold" boxes


Have you all looked at the “gold” boxes odd chances from this level-up tournament?


Yeah saw it visual bug or image mapping. Happened at end of last tourney too.


At least this guy checked. Unlike the whiny players in the other thread


Just imagine in the next tourney the “silver” mod boxes has 66.7% gold mods lmao


On the collect rewards screen from the inbox, it literally said “Gold Mod Box”. Sure some of knew it was the 33% gold and 66% silver ones. But their mistake should not be our problem.

I call BS. Please stop making excuses for there constant mistakes. The more you do the more they will simply not care about any form of quality control.

For example, let’s say they offer up a unique 6-star as the top prize for a CRW and afterward when you go to collect it turns out it’s just a Burt. When asked what happened to the 6-star ascendable they respond with sorry it was just a visual gitch it was intended to be a Burt but we didn’t notify or bother to fix it after it went live and no we won’t be honoring it.

So you would be fine accepting that? :smirk:


tbh I’d probably get a good laugh for awhile out of the burt, then get pissed.


fixed that for you


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