Level up goals bugged


When hitting the level up goals, I’ve sometimes ran across a bug where the goal will be met, you get points, it gets reset to the same goal and you are unable to make progress on it.

For example, the 3k goal for fast rare or better was earned, the objective then reset to the same one as before. I am now unable to make progress on it. Support suggested leaving the game is for 20 min to load data, but I have already done that as well as uninstalling and reinstalling.


Bugs in this game? :thinking:


Working as intended. :rofl:


Actually I don’t think this is a bug at all. The next objective is randomly chosen from a list of possible objectives, and sometimes you get the same one. If you shook a 2 on a six-sided die, picked it up and shook another 2, would you report to the die manufacturer that it’s defective?

…edit: ok I’m thinking about it more, are you saying you leveled in a way that should meet the objective and it’s not counting? A video would be helpful rather than just a single screenshot.


Yes. they are saying the 2nd time around they can no longer make progress towards completion.


I had the same issue (not sure if the objective are the same) last lvl up and reported it here. And I just hit the same bug again just now

Here is my thread:. Bug in level up event


Yes I was no longer able to make progress on it the 2nd time. Support eventually reset my objective but the event was almost over so it didn’t matter.

This is not the first lvl up this has occurred in, it’s happened to me once before.


They really need to update the amounts given for completion anyway. Right now they are still stuck in the old 5-star era. Like most of the game with the obvious exception of premier recruits.

I mean we still don’t even have an ascendable only wheel. Mmmm nothing like pulling a non-ascendable useless 5-star as a reward or even better getting that sweet 4-star every month with our “prestige” token pull.

So generous! :smirk:


They really have to fix this bug. We can not just ask the support to reset it every time!


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