Level up frequency

I love level up, and I’m glad there’s 15 a week.

However, I am running out of gear and although I love the league store and the ability to buy all the gear in the universe, I just can’t get enough gear.

If I was a millionaire I’d buy all the gear and go to bed at night with a smile on my face.

But I’m not a millionaire, so an event like you did last year several times for epic and legendary gear would be spot on.

Make me smile at bedtime and let’s have some gear.

Thanks xx

Thanks for the feedback, we will now increase level ups from 15 to 25 a week. Also, what is gear? Please clarify.

-much love, from Scopely.

Excellent. 25 level ups is just what I need.

Keep surviving…

Also take this gear as reward for your great suggestion. hands-over-grenade-and-smelling-salt
We try to make TWD:RTS a great experience for our playerbase. Keep on surviving!


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