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Hello everyone!

I wanted to address the concerns regarding the frequent Solo Level Up Tournaments.

I know I’ve mentioned a few things here and there but I feel like a thread dedicated to this change will be more visible for sure!

The reasons you are seeing more of these tournaments is as follows:

We want players to feel comfortable leveling freely throughout the week and also help offer new avenues to get what you need.

As you can see, the milestone rewards offered even at the bottom end up being a bit more generous the more tournaments you participate in.

We understand this change, at first, can be a bit confusing. We’re all conditioned to want the top spot and to go as far as humanly possible in each event. Having the same event, one right after the other, can feel impossible and frustrating – but this change was made to feel a bit more like an avenue to shoot for what you want, and less like a competition.

We want you to have the chance to participate in several of these a week but with less time devoted to each one depending on what your needs are. That way, you don’t feel the need to hold on to toons for the next one coming, and can aim for rewards you are looking for offered in the different tournaments.

Potentially, you may not need rewards offered in one Level Up tourney, but are interested in the rewards you see a few days later. This is by design to help ease the stress on these level up tournaments in general.

As always, your feedback is appreciated and documented!

Please let us know how you feel below, and always feel free to reach out to me.

(I have a bit to catch up on since the holiday, but please bear with me.)

Kindest regards,


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Thanks for the update Shane. I think many of us would find this approach more useful if we knew what the rewards were. When we don’t know if a tournament is our last chance to get item X, then we feel inclined to have to push it hard. If we knew we could get Dwight’s vests over the course of two weeks during every level up, then that changes things.



I think it’s fine. If these level ups are optional, it is an okay move. Including items for events where you collect stuff for the museum in these is the problem. Unless we have a full event timetable published during these events, many players feel obliged to play every one, to make sure they don’t miss out. The current event has caused a bit of annoyance about tje lack of communication towards the end. Some players felt they had to play every tournament, and use a lot of gear or supplies they’d been collecting, to achieve milestones, and then another unscheduled tournament pops up which means they need not have done this.



With all updue respect, I thought it was quite obvious no one wants this many level ups when you make the milestones outrageously high, YET, essential for current event parts. Well how are we to judge when you’ll put what we need in the milestones? Otherwise we will just level them up as soon as we can so we can use our new characters! So please, if you’re going to have all of these “optional level ups” please REALLY make them optional! Putting event pieces in the milestones does not mean it’s optional.

You said it yourself, “impossible and frustrating.” This game can get “impossible and frustrating” by the fact that it’s getting boring fast seeing so many level ups that I can’t participate in so I don’t have anything else that doesn’t seem like a chore to do in the game (farming, SR…) The game gets even more impossible and frustrating when I miss out on a great prize that everyone else is able to get because I leveled up my stuff in the wrong level up …

We’ve told you guys before that we don’t want this many level ups. Even if the goal is so that you can level up stuff whenever and have a reward for it, you only have so much to level and you only can see so many level ups back to back without getting SUPER bored of the game.

Don’t expect to keep your player base interested when you guys don’t seem to listen to our feedback. We can lead the horse to water, but we can’t make it drink.



If we had something left to level up I would understand or we weren’t waiting for gear maps we could get there, if this truly is the case and I’m not trying to pick on you we should have more gear maps and at a more frequent level, in my opinion and its just my opinion it’s to create panicking and force people to spend because we won’t know unless vk tell us if this is our last chance to get these items. You mentioned a catch up roadmap to get the rest of Dwights items and it looks now like that was transferred to a faction level up, who has anything to level up at this stage, big spenders that’s who.



Im hearing from many players in my region thst the milestones are just set way to high and are most unfair when we dont have regular gear maps . Please consider adding regular gear maps and introduce gear msp for the gear needed to upgrade 6* to t4



While I enjoy solo LUs, a valid concern is that the lower milestones, which usually holds event items, were raised significantly compared to previous iterations of events. I don’t mind seeing extremely high milestones, as they are for those players who really want the prizes, but the lower milestones could either be reduced for future events or more milestones created to compensate for the wide disparity in required points.



You want us to do lvl ups, but yet the milestones you have set are unrealistic. Lower them back down to what they were before you started putting them at 150,000xp - 2,000,000xp. You’ll make the gamer’s happier because then they could get the gear & stuff needed to do more lvl up tournaments.



Well said



This is great, as long as you add rank and personal milestone rewards to the event calendar. If you truly want players to pick and choose which events they’re going to participate in, and to what degree, we need to know what (all) the prizes will be well in advance.



This is how I interpreted the frequency of tourneys in general. I think it is a move in the right direction. Unfortunately you will experience pushback from this who have to win at every tourney. Keep up the good work!



I will work at this – but I can’t promise I can keep ahead of that at this time.

It’s something I’d like to do in the future though!

Thanks for the suggestions Noah and everyone.

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Thanks for sharing Verdeiwsp.

Question – what amount would you think is a fair bottom milestone reward number?



Someone somewhere plans the events and I simply find it difficult to believe they can’t publish what they plan to do. It literally takes an extra minute or two to communicate what they plan to do.

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I’ve been saying the same thing all along about the milestones.
So has everyone else.



I think lower milestones have been more than fine. The top tier milestones seem to be designed assuming we have t4 gear for our 6*’s. We do not. Top at a million is my suggestion. Lowest 100k. You could tier every 100k which is really easy to obtain using the reward system on personal level ups.



You’re not wrong.

But things change suddenly in a live atmosphere and I’m not comfortable to right now promise I can get you something when I may not always be able to. This is a goal of mine though. I just don’t want to let you down if it’s not something I can always provide.




Yes the milestones should go back to the orginal settings its not going to stop people taking part and people will still spend big to win dimply because they are greedy and want to win at all cost but its the vast majority of us that lose out



I think 1,500 xp would be fine



If you are going to offer this many level ups, you need to offer up more gear maps and ALSO run another event simultaneous to it because most people I have spoken to are BORED of the constant nonstop level up tournaments.