Level up finish times


So that would be…and I am going out on a massive limb here… 06:00 gmt for the lvl finish time?


correct, which is a bit shitty if you’re trying for top 10 etc and it does seem that every solo event recently has finished at that time.
The faction raid / level up both finished at 4pm if i remember right so there is a bit of a mix up these days

*edit, just the raid, level up/Sr finished at 6am as per usual


That’s true for the fac events - where the rewards are pretty ****. Well then scopely it seems you fal into one of the following:

  1. Deliberately favouring specific time zones with advantage.
  2. Too stupid to implement basic event time rotation
  3. not even listening to player feedback in the first place and think you are running at near perfection

So which is it @GR.Scopely


Ps I only added grscopely so I could get a mention badge… I love collecting stuff. What other forum badges can I have? I’m all over the biggest whinger thing like a rash


6 gold mods is a shitty reward? 50,000 five star tokens isn’t shitty either. There are some real valuable toons in the five star wheel. They used to be shitty. No longer.


Gold mods are great if you have toons to apply them to. The winning score for fac level up in our region was over 50million. Most facs won’t compete with that but the individual tournaments are within reach of more players if they hoard and prepare. But there is no point spending weeks or months getting ready to take a run at it… throwing all your chips in then waiting 5 or 6 hours to see someone from Indonesia snipered you into 4th because they were playing the game during their daytime. (Disclaimer - I like Indonesia and don’t begrudge them anything and also - this hasn’t happened to me but the risk is there)


They should rotate the finish times.

It would be the way we would all have opportunities to win


There doesn’t seem to be any chance of that at the moment according to the calendar. I can’t even see the last time someone from Western Europe or was eastern USA won a level up in my region

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I won last lvl up, meant I had to put up 3m lead before going to bed at 1am GMT.
Noone bothered to chase it down so in effect I had to waste a ton of resources to get the win. Had it finished at a better time I would not have needed to do that.
But all is fair right lol


There have been a number of lvl ups where I could have done the same and probably won - but like you say - it wastes 2/3/4 million when it isn’t necessarily needed. If the milestone rewards kept going after 2million then it’s not a total waste but for those who are active when the tournament finishes can judge it so hey don’t use up a load of stuff when they don’t need to

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6am finish is hurting me, won the last level up and probably will win this next one but I have to go higher than I want as I’ll be sleeping as per usual when it finishes, real pain in the behind

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Ive argued this topic before and you get the " they need to be consistent and someone will be in a bad way, and rotation isnt consistent enough" from players not scopely. Someone in fact said my suggestion of having events rotate every other week was “dumb”
I am US player and i think with a game offered around the world could at least offer some events that favor other time zones.


I fail to see how by suggesting it gets rotated you can accuse someone of being dumb. It’s pure common sense. I won’t get enough lug nuts for marlon without burning a ton of stuff. All the events should rotate not just lvl up really.


For players who it ends early morning, I have found a cunning solution.

Find a very small child (preferably one local laws permit you to legally have in your possession). When said child screams the house down at 5:40am because they are hungry/bored/just being a sh*t, comfort them with one hand while levelling up with the other.

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