Level up finish times



Think it’s crazy they all end about the same time early morning for euro players but I just set my alarm early annoying getting up 2 hours early for work just to win a levelup tho


Imagine my lack of surprise that we have a fac level up that finishes at 4 or 5 am gmt. And that the last level up was 1,2,3 Russian players


I still can’t believe people argue that it’s easier to stay up until 1pm than wake up at 5:55am. So ridiculous.


That’s not the point start and finish times should rotate so all the different timezones have a chance to win. Besides staying up late doesn’t wake up to whole family putting your alarm does so i guess it depends what your home situation is


Or wake up at 12.55am and then go back to sleep after. Either way both options are stupid. And a rotation of start/end times would be fairer.


Wake up at 12:55 am? You think that’s more reasonable than waking up at 5:55am? Come on. Clearly they are using this time as it is the most reasonable for ALL time zones. Pushing it up an hour or two to accommodate brits would mean eastern would be 2am or 3am. In this format, nobody is required to be awake from 1:01 to 5:30am. I think it’s a good time and I’m eastern time zone and hate being up until 1pm.


Nope the time sucks for Uk and Europe we have no time to push if needed, if it’s every now and then fair enough but everything seems to be finishing at 6am here which is to early for me


We’re NOT saying change it permanently. Just Rotate it. Mix it up. Do it differently some times.
Why should we have to wake up 5.55am several times a week/month. Because it suits one part of the world. Alot of people start work at 9am wtf would u get up at 5.55am that day? Just because a game event finish time makes you. If it was rotated you could pick and choose which event that week/month you decided challenge for to get a podium placement.


Exactly rickygrimes - the whole point was that if you rotate the start/finish times for every event then it evens out for everyone over time. The game is played by a global audience so to say that one point in the clock is by average the most convenient for all world time zones is frankly ridiculous.

Common sense dictates that if 1/3 of lvl ups finish at 06:00gmt, 1/3 finish at 14:00gmt, 1/3 finish at 22:00gmt then everyone globally gets 1/3 convenient finish time, 1/3 borderline convenient finish time and 1/3 lousy finish time.


They all finish at 1am for me and I wake up at 5:30 to get ready for work. I just deal with it. It’s not that serious.



Im self employed so it’s annoying not that bad for me but I have faction teammates who work in kitchen’s there shifts are from 4:00pm-1:00am.
They normally sleep between 3:00am-12:00am so they havta stay up or wake up 3 hours after going to bed to hold their position that is ridiculous
Some sort of rotation is needed even if it’s just a few hours earlier sometimes a few hours later sometimes
Me an teammates are euros btw.


And if possible scopely if you could indulge us with a massive leap of imagination and apply it to all types of events that would be super. Sr finish times generally have been an advantage to me but it needs to constantly move so others get a shot.


Waste of time and breath this suggestion will always be shouted down by Annie ( high power ) Oakley and her all Merican posse


This is quite a big problem f9r us European players but then again if the finishes ends then other players will be srewed…


Alternate is all we are asking for, not an unfair advantage just an even playing field for all. Any fair minded person would agree but they are in short supply in America it seems


Wowsers scopely I almost fell off my chair in surprise. The lastest level up tournament finish time doesn’t favour the Far East… oh… hang on… yeah… 06:00 gmt. I bet when they do finally listen and rotate it the gran collection prize will be 3* green Eugene (I loved that toon BTW)


Practically all at the same time: 10:00pm

Week 1

  • Level Up (Mon 12:00am - Tue 10:00pm)
  • Solo Raid (Mon 5:00pm - Tue 10:00pm)
  • Solo Level Up (Wed 12:00am - Thu 10:00pm)
  • Solo Survival Road (Wed 8:00am - Thu 10:00pm)
  • Faction Level Up (Fri 12:00am - Sat 10:00pm)
  • Faction Raid (Fri 8:00am - Sat 08:00am)
  • Faction Survival Road (Sat 10:00am - Sun 10:00pm)

Week 2

  • Level Up (Mon 12:00am - Tue 10:00pm)
  • Solo Raid (Mon 5:00pm - Tue 10:00pm)
  • Solo Level Up (Wed 12:00am - Thu 10:00pm)
  • Solo Survival Road (Wed 5:00pm - Fri 2:00pm)
  • Mods Removal Event (Thu 4:00pm - Fri 4:00pm)
  • Solo Level Up (Fri 12:00am - Sat 10:00pm)
  • Cross Region War (Fri 4:00pm - Sun 10:00pm)

Week 3

  • Level Up (Mon 12:00am - Tue 10:00pm)
  • Faction Onslaught (Mon 5:00pm - Tue 10:00pm)
  • Solo Level Up (Wed 12:00am - Thu 10:00pm)
  • Solo Survival Road (Wed 8:00am - Thu 10:00pm)
  • Faction Level Up (Fri 12:00am - Sat 10:00pm)
  • Faction Raid (Fri 8:00am - Sat 8:00am)
  • Faction Survival Road (Sat 10:00am - Sun 10:00pm)


Which time zone are those based on?


The only time zone apparently. Guess we should just move.