Level up finish times



Come on scopely- every single level up tournament is finishing during the night in the Western Europe time zone. This puts players in that zone at a massive disadvantage when it comes to the last hour of the event. This is when you need to be active to react to points scoring. Unless you put up massive points needlessly before you put the game down for the evening.

Rotate the finish times by 8 hours on the clock for each subsequent event so it spreads the finish times


Been there, said that, but they do seem to be listening to some extent because start times have moved around

Tonights SR starts at 4pm GMT rather than the usual 1am


Yeah the sr is another . I like the idea of collecting items over a number of events to try to get a reward. To get the top one you really need to win one event or place 2/3 in 2. Difficult to achieve with the current finish times.


just been 6 in raids but after night time i was 11. :{


Exactly. At least if the start time for each raid event was like “1st raid event starts 12:00”; “2nd raid event starts 08:00”; “3rd raid event starts 16:00” then at least one in three tournaments the times will work in your favour and be an advantage.


Every raid & LUp now ends at 10pm California time and has done since they started these month long events where you need to finish top 50. Posters always say this has no benefit, which is obviously why they changed the times.

I just finished 51st in both raid & LUp


6am is hardly considered during the night time… more like 1am in Eastern would be considered during the late night time no?


On lvl ups the last minutes/seconds are more important than the last hour.
Worst case is your located in England/Ireland/Portugal 6am but like rick said 1am east on a working day is a lot harder to handle especially lvl up events.
For raid events i agree but should they finish then 1-2 hours later when the whole east of America sleeps?
No, somebody needs to tast the bitter fruit and if it’s only the west of Europe.
I personally would wake up earlier i mean what’s the problem ####### ######! :slight_smile:


The point is everyone should ‘taste the bitter fruit’ from time to time instead of screwing Europe all the time.

You say we should just wake up earlier, same applies you should just stay awake longer


Just waiting for this thread to dismissed by the happy US folks.
Either come up with a solution or shhhhh! You’re not allowed ok :joy:


Uk finish times of 6am finish fooks me, you have no chance to top up your score if needed, if you moved it to 8am that would help but would that work for other parts of the world. Ps start times are not as important imo


Haha, im from Europe, i wake up earlier and it’s no problem. If needed at 3/4am also with kids and a family on war weekends.
I like it how it is right now!


My bet is you will get your wish. It didn’t change by accident and they know where there spenders live, their only misjudement in my opinion is they may have alienated some of their East Coast customers. Wouldn’t surprise me if it didn’t move forward an hour or two to try keep both sides of the US spending.


Nope, all time should be based on USA cause we are strongest country and we own the Earth.


But levelup starts 1am for me (usa) so I am already at a disadvantage, yet im not complaining. Work around it or don’t. Sr started 9am for me, im at work another disadvantage…but again im not complaining about it. I work with it or i dont. There is always going to be a time zone getting the shaft.


I agree there will always be someone getting the shaft - the original point was -rotate the start and finish times for all events to even it out over the cycle of events


And yet look who runs said Country. OMFG


Believe whatever your news “source” tells you. I’m still proud to be American :us:


Okay then lol


Looking at our previous winners boards out of the last 6 I can see - 1 winner was Australian, one winner was Indonesian, and 4 we’re Russian. Scopely you ******** a **** into ***** and then turn it into ***** (I have self edited on your behalf). Kindest regards. Western Europe.