Level up final milestone


Soooooo not one… not one single person in my region reach 2 million during the faction level up. 18 total reached 1.25 million or more. 2 million is too high until we have the necessary gear for tier four six stars. Change it!


Don’t encourage them, they’ll make it 2.5M next tournament. :rofl:


In Lamar region we had only one person hit 2 million. One million for the top milestone is reasonable and still challenging, 2 million is way too high.


I think it’s not high enough. Five millions Scope, next time, okay?


At least we have that YGL scav mission to help us to scoo…oh wait we don’t


One person in my region made two million, in fact they went to 2.21 million for some reason. Seems like a waste to go over the milestone to me. A small handful made 1 million. The rest of us were nowhere. Utterly ridiculous milestones for stuff we all need. Are most of us destined to never get the 6* upgrade gear? Unless they reduce the milestone level (in which case those who toiled to get 1m+ will be annoyed), or make the gear available in easier ways (in which case they will still be annoyed), I don’t see many getting the gear ever.


Hey @Paves was I the only one? I know I hit it too.


nobody in my region reached the milestone, in my faction case, my fac teammates had issues on YGL mission during event (and solved right after the event ends lmao). I myself only reached around 1.2 m since I started 1 day late :disappointed: 2 m is just too much…


Please dont hate me, I hit the 2 mil milestone, but then I hadn’t really competed in a level up since they offered Barker for a million and had been waiting for the faction event for ages to level my team up.

There was one person on my region that outscored me, so there was 2 of us that I know of that got it. I had YGL available almost constantly though the tournament for the first time pretty much ever.

I wont be able to hit any high milestones for a long time though, as I don’t have any fodder left to ascend any more characters. and these sorts of milestones are available either through 6* characters, or through 5* characters and about 6 months of prep.


I can totally understand that though. Actually a guy in my region reached 2.1 M milestone in previous solo level up. Then in last faction lv up, he was unable to reach 1 M.


The new Faction Assault mode (currently live in Beta) gives new kind of markers for a new depot where you can find T4 gear, trainers, new ascendable 5*, etc.


Apparently it s me. I used scavenger missions to lvl 5 legendaries, so yes, I overshot it a bit :slight_smile:


Hi Tom. I don’t remember who it was, but I looked through the scores of all the top ranked factions after the event and I only saw one person at 2m+. I was interested to see how many players can hit these milestones and the answer appears to be ‘not many’. Ordinarily this wouldn’t be that important, but when the much needed 6* gear is stashed away at impossible (for most) levels then it becomes a cause for concern. By all means limit how often we can get this gear, but don’t make it downright impossible.


True, and that guy you saw (berserk mode) is me :slight_smile:

I m pretty tapped now, I just hated to have to wait again to lvl a few legendaries to the point I could use them.