Level up faq how to score

How do people score so high during level up i barely make it to 300k. Any tips would be helpful.

If you have money to buy two offers ( 9.99) pack that comes with plenty trainers. And 100mil food. Easy

300k ? Another troll post…


It’s easy if yo save enough 5* and 6*, also if you have a big queue in training grounds plus enough food stored and lots of trainers from different events.

When Scopely started givin 5* ascendables in level up I start leveling all my 5* and 6* and leave them at G4 lvl1. Now if I want I can win any level up (already won 3 level ups with 8M-13M-7M), still can win about 3-4 more level ups but if I don’t go to them I still level with 5* and 6* until they reach G4 lvl1.

Tip would be, keep saving and store toons, trainers and food.


I got too 10 once by planning.

The rest of the time i’m about 250th. Usually get to 1.25m. You need to have quite a big roster and be in an active faction to score highly. You also need to play a lot and aggressively level up your town.

Not possible to score millions every time as f2p so money will also help and occasional coin offers for trainers.

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get several characters to tier 4, and leave them on T4 level 1.
if you can do this for 3 or 4 characters and then send them out on a 100k xp mission, but then wait and collect this when there is a level up running. it’s sometimes difficult to not click on it when you have to wait a few days to collect the mission.
this will be about 700-800k scored really easily.

prep is everything. you need to burn a few world energy cans to stack up on survivors and just have them sat there ticking away for a week or so.

  • Stockpiling training grounds
  • Stockpiling food
  • Having XP scavenger missions waiting to pop
  • Focus mainly on the lower lvls of a toon
  • Not levelling up outside tourneys (lol)

Biggest is farming shirts, gloves, .and survirors ( also the 70 coin offer for shirts and gloves is awesome)
Keep 2 training grounds running 24/7 do not let the time run out.
If you need time to get gloves and shirts farmed start a legendary or elite tg and keep it running then minus it out and add to a reg tg once you have a couple hundred of shirts gloves to start. This will also store food.
As mention above dont level during non level ups and only hit what u need. If you dont need to hit 2mil dont.


I want to know how people get 5 million less then 30 min after lvl up starts

By saving up and having T4 LVL1 5* characters ready.

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Not difficult you can put 2 t4lvl 6 on a 100k and have a 60k. Add in even more t4lvl1 toons and lots of bennys and basils. Its all about planning and using resources only when necessary.
Spend some level ups preppin 5 and 6* to t3 and t4. Run tg 24/7 save as many trainers in crates an rewards as possible to help manage roster space.

Still 5 million seems a pretty extreme. Maybe 2 or 3

Done it before in last 5 min of a level up. Put up 5 mil in a minute. Seen it done in the begining of level ups. Very legit . Cant speak for everyone but most people doing this are just preparred.

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Scavs with fresh 6stars T4

Spend a lot of $$$ helps.

A 5* T4 get’s 7k for every level. A 6* T4 get’s 13.8k for every level.

Level a 5* to level 50 = 350k
Level a 6* to level 50 = 690k

Do that to 5 x 5* and 5 x 6*…boom, 5.2 million.

That’s how far we’ve come. People find it awesome that they have to spend gold for the lowest tier items in this game.

I don’t know any other game, where you literally have to grind for the trash tier stuff.

It’s pathetic actually.

With all these Basils


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Putting 10 Bene into a 6* at T4L01 will give you 880k. If you prep a couple of those, it’s easily doable.

70 coins is cheaper than a can and a can of farming doesnt give whats in the deal. Saves times and its honeslty worth it. Other games have in game currency where u buy stuff like this too. This is about the best thing scopley offers. Gladly having videos playing in the background through out day for this.