Level up event Make goals higher in points


Was great that the points for level up reflected the milestones, but during faction is more about working together towards the goals, I think now after putting all these up so should the points for completing the goals, I don’t think it’s that much fairer during faction event if one is working on the goals when they don’t have a lot of toons, to a faction say Has 200k goal points the rest is from scavaging.
Just an idea 40k for 120 levels isn’t much anymore especially the Work put into making the 2* toons and farming every day for it.



This isn’t only a faction level up problem, solo level up objectives isn’t worth the effort since the upgrade in lvl up points.
It was already mentioned here:

But it looks like they ignore it.


@kalishane, we are still waiting for your response about this issue, please :slight_smile: