Level-up event alternative



I had posted this in a previous forum, but am afraid it was too old to be noticed or brushed over as the typical incessant complaining that occurs in the forums in regards to level-up events:

If the goal is to make level-up events more frequent, why is Scopely so set on calling them events? Honestly there is no reason to have a leaderboard and give extra prizes to the top players who need them less than most.

I propose level-ups become weekly missions. There is already some sort of structure because we get daily missions so it can follow a similar structure. The timeline is already there with weekly supply depot refresh. The missions can be similar to the level-up objectives which would still require some strategy from the players to complete them and instead of gaining X number of renown points, a prize or reward can reflect the difficulty.

With this you could also still include event-specific rewards such as museum collection items, a reasonable number of 5* tokens, 4* weapon tokens, or whatever you really want. I think in the long run it would be nice to incorporate a gold radio as a reward for access to a constant elite/occasional ultra-rare roadmap that mirrors the uncommon and rare gearmaps already in place.

With exception to creating a gold radio roadmap, the base structure for incorporating this is already available.

  • The interface for daily missions can be adapted to work with weekly missions
  • The level-up objectives can be used as mission goals with minor changes to values and matching rewards
  • The timeline can follow the same supply depot refresh timeline for refresh rates for new missions

This would also give all players the opportunity to reap rewards based on their position.

  • Trait specific objectives can result in uncommon or rare gear or event-driven rewards
  • Persona specific objectives can result in uncommon or rare gear for that persona
  • Rare or higher objectives can result in elite gear
  • Tier-specific objectives can result in similar gear for that tier, the next tier higher, or ascendance medals

If you really wanted you could have a completion reward for a reasonable number (1,000-2,500) of 5 star tokens.


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