Level up draining me


I don’t mind the frequency of level ups, as it’s now the gateway to get the league tokens, to save up and buy gear, and then start over again, save up, purchase, save up, purchase…

However, I am so low on characters and trainers to continuously need to level up. Gear isn’t too bad if you farm the ultimate gear, but characters are pretty rarely received now.

5 star tokens have disappeared from events, and the legendary medals are nearly just as rare, needed to create new 6 stars.

I think just a year ago, when the weekly calendar was really random, with maybe 2 level ups a week, I had literally 100+ trainers in my roster, and bags of toons waiting…

Rant over, just sayin’…


You’re lucky the gear isn’t too bad. I’ve got a factionmate stuck on schoolbags, which are really hard to come by when you run out.


Have to get reaaaaaaaal selective with it

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Agree 5s tokens have slowed significantly and this is a issue for many players.

@GR.Scopely can you review


Yup, I’m dry on all types of gear. I’d happily skip level ups but they have dynamite in milestones which I do not want to miss


I would like to know why Scopely got rid of the bronze and siver radio roadmaps but yet we are still getting them as rewards for scavenger missions and daily missions. Makes no sense at all. I got some 5* to level up but can’t get enough gear to get some of my 6* level up. I’ve even kept some 4* just be able to do something in these endless number of level ups.


You know what? I looked at my 5 star stock the other day and realised I don’t have any Tough 5 stars below T3. I do have 100k tokens to burn, but I never thought i’d see the day where I actually wanted more 5 stars…

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For me, it has officially finally happened… I cannot get any of the gear I need without paying. Have leveled pretty much everything except for a few 5* that I will never use. Got a bunch of 6* sitting at t3 for months and the one I want to max, looking at a month to get the gear from league store.

The level ups are pointless at this point, as any characters I might get are just going to sit there for lack of gear. I log in, run the maps and shake my head at the stagnation of my roster.

Coming up on 1000 days log in streak and wondering if anything is going to change to make it worth continuing. Cautiously looking forward to the new update and hoping for a light there somewhere, but not optimistic.


I’m same. Pushing to get top 50 every time for the teddy bears. Last one I got 5 1st :frowning: Don’t think enough time to get the lowest one especially when having to do roadmaps for gear. Scavenger harder to get good results as out of red peacekeepers to boost it

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Perhaps this is their end game to force people to pay.

I bought the £8 gear bundle they seem to do weekly but can’t keep doing that.

Really not sure where to get characters from for future level ups.


More and more gear posts. They don’t care. It’s so dumb.


Lol i thot you could handle this. Was gonna tag you and @Kodak_black to handle this gear and 5* issue.
Get us a gear event wandy

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Are you talking about requirements for scavenger you got lucky 100k? You dont need red peackeepers. Try plugging in toons you need leveled until it says guaranteed success. Long ago i thot i had to fill all requirements to do those missions.

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I’ve started to ascend 4* to 5* just to get more things to level up. 5* tokens are almost gone from rewards, but silver medals seem to be quite plentiful.

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I have near 5 million silver and 400 gold… balanced right? :joy:


Maybe not too much about 5s but yes, i %100 agree about medals. I’m so picky about who to ascend yet i have enough gold for only one toon right now which really depresses me. But i can definitely see how much less we getting 5 tokens


Do they not re run the ultimate gear map for the crates?

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Same happend to me… :’(

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He used all world cans, opened 200 crates he had, and got 1 schoolbag.