Level up character rewards

What characters have you got since lvl has been giving toon rewards?

I’ve got these so far ( from coming 1st and 2nd)

None of them, (luckily… No sarcasm)

only this guy

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Blue abraham.

dev. jermiah and blue one which i forget

Joshua and a bunch of Tokens…

aaron and connie if i recall right…
both placed under 200.

Ivanova, red eugene, aaron, jeremiah.

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None as odds lie.

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None as well but lots of 2k tokens. That’s for useless rewards all day!!

love putting up 3m for top 25 and end up with tokens every time

Only Aiko so far.

Gten aron

Red Rick :frowning:

Aiko and Joshua

Aaron Aaron Aaron Aaron Aaron Aaron Aaron -_-

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