Level Up Capacity

Is there a cap on how much you can score in one level up? I saw that someone posted a pic a while back with people reaching 9,999,999.

I’ve seen insane scores well over 10mil

For individual scores, not faction totals?

yea Lol…

Ok thanks!

I’ve seen scores over 20Mil!

One dude retired using 30k 2s trainers lol.

10m is acheivable if set up appropriately after hoarding sufficiently. More than that is a hard core grind just to put the time into just the leveling and pulling food etc.

I had hoarded trainers and toons for a while as all the lvl up rewards were crap, finally decided to retire so about to burn 100+ bennies 50+ basils and I cannot count the 3* and 2* trainers into 8 T4L1 6*s…

The t4L1 6s should get you to 10m easily. Don’t max them just go for the meat (around 50-60 lvls).

Then take a look at you gear. Maximize other 6s, and 5s tier 3-4. You may need to ascend if your short on toons, so balance accordingly.

Im curious to see where you land. Please follow up after =-)

Will do :slight_smile: I have taken pics of what I’m levelling so I’ll post it all after the fac level up this weekend…

Good luck :wink:

Yeah theres no cap

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I reckon there is a 100m cap, go for it

That might take a little prep lol

I did 6.5 mill once and used half of my stash and lvl 1 t4s. The big points are there if you’re bored/prepared enough.

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