Level cap raise


It’s been quite a bit now since the level cap has been increased. Most players are now bumping up against the level cap again. With more roadmaps weekly than before, it is more imperative to have a higher level cap. At least another 25 levels. Please, or at tell us yay or nay.


It took over 2 years for the first level cap to be increased , and other stuff like the town or world stages are still waiting so I wouldn’t hold your breath


5 levels every three months would be nice. Doesn’t even need to continue the scaling from the 125 gains, maybe something like a impair weapon as of 125.

I would not assume more levels meant more kits and tape, but that’s a design question I imagine.


Hahahahaha an impair weapon? They will never give us a FREE special crit weapon without us paying $100 for it. I would like the additional levels and the chance for more tape and kits… Got to keep those armory failures a’comin…


Haha the impair weapon is worth less than 25 or 30 tapes n kits :wink:

Plus I’m 2 short a full set so I can go work on something else… Not sure what… Yellow AP gain?


Will be the last thing added, they should just close it where it is.


I need this asap, i already wasted all those polish kit’s and tapes long time ago…


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