Level 200 player level

has anyone seen anyone in their region (or themselves) at level 200?

Yes… seen one

And how would someone of level 200 obtain two letter L?

Probably autocompletes, like the “watch 3 videos” mission will autocomplete if there are no videos available.

I am not level 200, but would like to take advantage of the auto complete thingy please… where do I sign?

Just get to level 200.

I’m trying, but the lack of cans and motivation are holding me back.

I’ve been around long enough to remember when this game was fun.

This is more of a job than a game now.


Idk, jobs usually pay us (and in my case at least also occasionally buy us bacon rolls). I don’t usually have to pay for the privilege of things like getting my computer to switch on and my email to work and so on. Not like in the twd.

Except the level up rewards there is no advantage to get 200. No more energy cap, or anything.

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