Level 2 Generals

@GR.Scopely Can you provide anymore information on what’s being done about this issue? A little over a week until the next CRW to implement any changes.

My suggestion would be to limit the level range that someone can pass General, maybe 40 levels?

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You know something this complex they wont be able to remedy for at least 9 months if ever.

What is this in relation to? I’m confusious

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I like that suggestion - but in newer regions it might be more challenging especially new factions. Something similar would be more 1100 rep? New accounts start at 1000 rep when they pass the milestone to be allowed to raid, new accounts that are completely new I think have auto 0 rep? So 1100 rep means you have won at least 4 matches that give you 25 rep?

I don’t know how to fix the issue but that doesn’t seem like it will work if an alt would start at 1000 to get 100 more wouldn’t be that difficult

It’s not gonna fix the matchmaking for the next week.

based on the characters you start with - it will at least eliminate the level 1-2 accounts being used - you need to be level… 7-8? To get to raid even I think

Realistically in newer regions is anyone going to be passing general to someone 40 levels lower then them? Usually the newest regions get AoW anyways and that large of a level difference might not even exist. You still make a valid point though. Although doing it by Rep might have its own set of issues given how large the Rep gaps can be.

no it’s not but just some general ideas and brainstorming may help. The goal is to find something that still allows new people to play - but makes it fair for other factions / crw etc

Alt gens were around for years

That’s a wave 1A problem only.

Ok I didn’t remember the min lvl on raiding and starting now u get s class christa or James and just wait for lower opponents

Less so, but I can’t imagine a split coded solution like one for regions in crw and one for aow ones. In some newer regions small factions may not have people over level 40. Mhm, just mean for a general to be general they would have had to reach the level to raid and successfully raided some people / defended

Yeah, I have a mini so I found out about the minimum level to get raids and completely new accounts wouldn’t be able to be gens then (0 rep). Those people who use minis would need to put a little bit of effort in. Not saying it’s the best or only idea - just a general one that could help mitigate the factions who use 5-10 bots

The people that are using this method, wouldn’t be daunted by put the effort in to level up a bit and raid for some Rep.

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would help stop some to start - hard to raise rep too high again considering newer regions - level is tough to do, town hall maybe? But figuring out what is reasonable on that is also tough

Why are you beating this drum over and over? The 20k win bonus was announced weeks ago and it shouldn’t have taken anyone by surprise. A legit win is a legit win, using level 2 Gen’s to draw a rank 160 opponent is a major issue.

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Super easy fix. Go back to the way generals were before. Boom. Problem solved.

Disable passing general? Passing general has to much value for them to do that I think.

It’s an easy fix. And it’s how the game used to be. 🤷