Level 16/ 24 mods?!?


Gg scopes


It doesn’t matter, it works as advertised.


Does matter. In the category of false advertisement.


Lmao okay bud.


Please tell me why you think it isn’t. Sure, the ad itself isn’t false, but the picture is. As I said, in the category of false advertisement.


It’s a moronic thing to complain about.
The art team probably had a brainfart.


Not complaining, just stating a fact.


… Which doesn’t matter.
They aren’t advertising the sale of any mods that can reach that level.
Literally a brainfart someone had whilst designing the art.


It matters to people who want to see something other than that unless that’s a hint of a future mods upgrade


It’s not a hint.
If you had two braincells to rub together you’d realize it’s a mistake.


My comment was a theory, doesn’t have to be correct. Pretty sure you’d need more than 2 brain cells to even have a brain.


Looks like you’re in trouble then.


Nah pretty sure I wouldn’t even be alive let alone typing if I didn’t have a brain. Keep surviving.


You too, man.


Finish him!!!


This was a great thread :laughing:



Just when things were getting really good. Hope there’s a sequel in the works.


Those mods looked very badly photoshoped.


For what it’s worth, I was able to switch mods to another toon for defense free. Silver lining, ya know…


This has been a belting read :+1:t2: