Level 150 S-Class James

How can this guy have a maxed t4 James??

Fix your game Scopely!

If thats in arena mode its completely normal for James or Christa to appear maxedScreenshot_2019-09-14-19-03-06%20(2)


Oh okay thank you for the clarification

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I thought it was just all attack characters that were maxed and the defence teams where what ever level the opponent has them at in there roster


Thata just for offense, defense is what the player currently has

No if you’d actually checked your d… You’d realise all your. Toons are mysteriously maxed minus… Ones with vet rings

I don’t check my d

They need to removed S-class from Arena for awhile and also fix weapons.(like give us good weapons to fight with)

I think that is not from draft arena. Draft arena weapon is not fully upgraded 3 times isn’t it? It just their basic stat weapon

And what about that? Is that really happen or just an edited picture?

Hey! That’s me haha

Wait there seems to be something off about the toons that they have

They have both Limited Edition toon’s James & Christa.

That’s impossible… How did this man drop them?

I have seen the same but i don’t understand because we chose our défense and which weapon etc… How Can a dude have made all armory modifications on James weapon yet and being level 150??

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