Level 150 is officially announced?



I just noticed a Flash pop-up about October updates including lvl 150.



And new world maps, after all of these years…


Few days later… “please increase lvl cap to 200”


The new world maps should be interesting for first 30 minutes it takes finish them ahaha.

We need new “MISSIONS” too.

Mine are all done.


I’m sorry but I don’t miss grinding that stupid ass XP road map so I hope this might be retroactive… I’m not trying to be in this game 24/7, that doesn’t make it enjoyable. If I enjoyed the game more I may actually spend more… but I see scopely and some of you players don’t understand that concept.

New world missions are cool even if they get stale after a day. It’s still game progression.


there is no need to grind the xp roadmap really.

You just level up naturally.

Anyways the XP roadmap is not even the best source of XP.


I am still lvl 113. Lol, and I’ve been playing since mid 2016


Smart …When getting duct tape and polishing kids were extremely rare, grinding to that 125 was a necessity. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


everyone has every weapon by now no?


I’m literally crafting 35% crit weapons just to sit around and clear zombies with cooler looking weapons.


True …naturally sounds good until we see how good the rewards are lol.

But yeah I have good weapons now just need more green stun. But before though…you know it was a rat race to get to 125 for us old timers lol.


Let me fix that for you

“Next day: please increase cap to 200”


sr tourney got me a level each one at leqst


Here’s the official photo i03JIqxpehk


Oh shit.

Let’s talk about that LEVELING/FOOD COST CHANGES!!!


Today is Oct 26, so when it comes?



Well… I didn’t believe it. Then I opened my game and there were Alexandria. ha


Cause everyone has tons of energy available after Can Thursday. Oh wait.

I wouldn’t bother running the new levels until the 150 cap goes active, unless you want to throw the new XP away.




The level 150 cap is already active! If you don’t see world stage 24 and the ability to level after 125, restart the game and look again.