Level 1 until level 150


Hello, I am looking for a table with level svp level rewards from level 1 to level 150 if possible. Thank you

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maybe @LadyGeek has something that can help you


Up to 125 I think the wiki has the right info. After that, I think @Trout has the best graphic.



Great ! Efficiency! Thank you so much

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All the credit for this amazing piece of work needs to be showered upon @Trout! So please take the 4 likes on this post and give them to him. Can we get a hashtag of #ilovetrout going?


Lol weve spoken. Dont make me slap u around again…


Oh bane bring it.


No charts needed


Not that it really matters but did you really crop the version & author’s name off of that?
What a classy lassy move


You say this

But then this

So it mattered.

And for the record, i got it from a chat in line as i sent it. The only thing i cropped was the excess black from my screenshot. So whoever had the image decided no credit for you. But since it doesn’t matter let me go ahead and edit my post for you babe

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That wasnt so hard.
Looks like someones earned their tassels.


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