Lev Up rewards and torches

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Come on guys…really? I think tomorrow will make 4 or 5 solo level ups in a row that gave the chocolate cake for top rewards. You do know there are other items people are trying to get besides these right?!? Don’t you think choice boxes would be more appropriate?

Also, what the fkn hell with the torches??? You cut our number of tournaments in a week by more than half, then started running 2 days with things like hordes and onslaught that give none at all! AND NOW YOU REDUCE THEM IN MILESTONES??? People NEED the torches AND league tokens. But it feels like you’re trying to starve us out of playing at all anymore. Torches were a shit idea to begin with, but YOU forced them on us, and now you want to put a strangle hold on them AND the insane amount of gear we now need? WHY??? I could go on about almost every reward slot at this point, but come on. (I guess we get a canteen back, but really?)

Stop treating us with such contempt…because that’s what it feels like.

Here’s the next SLUT milestones for anyone who wants to know… 45 torches instead of the usual 75.

@LadyGeek @Parker @Bane @Brucey (or anyone on the PC, sorry, can’t remember all of you lol) If you have a next meeting, can you guys please try to focus on how utterly horrible rewards have become lately? I know there are other issues as well, but this has gotten bad imo. Far fewer tourneys, with worse and worse rewards… And ideally, imo we need the top prize to cycle through collectables, or better yet, be in choice boxes. (Oh, and platinum mods for rank rewards maybe?) Thanks guys :slight_smile:


The more people that complain about rewards getting worse, the worse they make the rewards. They would have to have had to go in and intentionally change the programming after everyone has already complained about how poor the rewards are to have made it even worse. I simply don’t understand how their minds work.


It was quite good they took other events off when ppl were working through michonne’s blessings, because that was a time drain (and the energy cost was too high), but we need events back now please. With torches and choice boxes.


Well, at least they’re not locked behind trainers so you can actually claim them.

It’s been 3 or 4 weeks since they reduced the number of tournaments. The michonne roadmaps were a bore fest imo. And also imo, fewer tournaments is almost never a good thing. If there’s too much to do, just pick your faves and play those. Too much is far better than not enough.


Preach on brother! 100% behind this. We need more events with good leauge points, torches, gear etc. so we can all enjoy the game still, with upgrading our S toons.

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Yet people still keep doing 15-20mil each LU

Wow the removal of torches at the 500k mark really reinforces that this company really is a bag of turds


What are the non-milestone prizes?

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There is a mistake on the 2.5 million one prob should be GPS. Hopefully they will rectify it before its released.

But definately, the rewards are poor and pointless, especially with the torches which should be a consistent amount every week with Scopely figuring out how to make sure they can deliver this.

On a separate note, for any customer service and developers out there and businesses in general Scopely makes a wonderful case study of what no to do. Also quite fascinating from a Social Psychology standpoint

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Ulysses and Mods, otherwise as usual (with chocolate cake)

Now that I’ve been thinking about this a bit, I don’t mind the change - slows down collectible acquisition a bit.

@WakeUp, I don’t think so - they rarely run GPS + Canteen together now. Rewards are definitely poor and mostly stuff that’s uneccessary, but it’s good gear is back on the schedule.

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@DrJank ur right, hasn’t been so for over a month. Hopefully that extra belt thingy on 2.5 mill will change to GPS and they increase torch amount as well

SR was 50 torches too. If I’m not mistaken, one run through the torches map is 166 torches, or 3 1/3 events, so an average of 10 (torch) events per three weeks equates to one run per week, which is probably their target. For the past weeks, we haven’t had a lot of events and people are asking for more. Reducing the rewards like this is probably a sign that we can expect an extra event per week or so.

Hey @DrJank we went from a consistent 75 in LU to 50 for no reason as shown below:

(Please note these VK milestones were the same when event went live)

I know. They’re probably gearing up to run more events, because people are asking for them, and SR is ready to go back in the regular rotation now that the upgrade is done. If they want to increase the number of events and keep the amount of torches per week the same, they have to reduce the amount that each event gives.

[edit] removed “that’s what I said”, because I didn’t, I was just taking that as a given.I had some explicit math that I deleted which did contain the old numbers, but I took it out before posting because it was confusing.

But where they are not doing both, then surely they should decrease the amount offered when there was an increase of it prior when more events were available prior the Michonne event?

Not quite sure what you mean, is it that the number of torches didn’t go up when they reduced the number of events? That seems true, but I’d guess at that time they hadn’t completely figured out how they want to handle the torch economy. This is all just a guess, but I assume they have settled on one run free per week, and are transitioning the milestones to that. Two of the last three torch events had 50 in the milestones, including this levelup.

All events should be 24hours and there should be one at least running every day🤷🏼‍♂️ IMO

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We had more events that in themselves offered more torches, now we have less events and less torches. Doesn’t make sense to me


It’s cute that you think they care about how you feel