Letters to the Dead Roadmap Breakdown

I did a small breakdown of the Letters to the Dead event, looking over the roadmap costs and is worthwhile doing etc.

Winter Express:
Total Energy Cost per day: 128
Event Reward: 100 Tokens (1 Pull)

Death Express:
Total Energy Cost per day: 324
Event Reward: 250 Tokens (2.5 pulls)

Total Energy Cost per day: 452
Event Reward: 350 Tokens (7 pulls every 2 days)
Assuming the roadmaps run for the full 12 days you will get 42 total pulls.

Me with 79 max energy regens over 240 natural energy per day.


Thank you!!

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Actually edited this to avoid chicken abuse :wink:

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Thanks lockdown for the info…i think its worth doing…

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Winter Express at the very least. I think it will mainly come down to peoples can situation.


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I can’t find where it says this will be daily, the inbox message doesn’t say daily but I keep seeing that it’ll be daily :slight_smile:

It’s expensive either way, daily / weekly whatever… 81 world energy gets a stage done and then some so I’ll plug away at it. Need those Burt’s yo

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I need Benedict’s, not Burt’s. I get them enough in the game. I had almost 30 of them & used most of them in the lvl up that just ended.

Considering how terrible robot event was, i dont have much hope on this as well. Every ones gonna end up with Burts or elite tokens I. believe.
The robot event was one of the worst in games histroy and has really sheaken my confidence.


Anddddd first pull 500k food bag and event over for me. What a waste.

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let us look at the new bullshit that $copely give to us


Sorry but folks people are actually pulling epic crates don’t be to hurt when you don’t pull the epic crate , I’m sure you’ll get another go at it , I’m happy we have an event like this again with a chance of some Benedict’s , and we got something for free , I don’t feel that this event is necessarily a „bad“ thing



I’ve seen 1 pull of an epic crate so far. The vast majority have been good, uncommon trainers, and elite tokens.


Only in my faction 3 guys got the epic crate , and not everyone is supposed to pull the “epic crate” no matter how you look at it it’s still free stuff the grinding isn’t hard , I usually have something to say about the way this game has been going recently but can’t say nothing bad about this , some folks simply also are always looking for a reason to whine and complain , of which I did my fair share In fairness just didn’t think this was one of those occasions



Not one screen cap… NOT ONE

This is Scopelys attempt to make up for that bullshit…


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Would’ve been worse if they wouldn’t have done anything at all

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I think a much better use of my energy than hoping for a very low percentage pull is farming the gear map. That’s at least a guarantee of something I need. Maybe I’ll do this one on weekends, but I doubt it

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Suit yourself mate I did it without using extra cans was easy enough , waiting to pull that way I can still dream about Benedict’s:slight_smile:

You did all of the roadmaps without cans?

Yup I had one level up In all fairness