Letter s not counting

Mission letter s not counting winning raids, been raiding over 20 times but stil says 9/10

Have you won 10 in a row? I think you have to have a streak. Is it possible you won 9 straight then lost 1?

Lol nope i won all ,i tried again used 2 cwns and won 12 and its stil on 9/10 it simply just stoped counting

Gotta win 3 in a row before it starts counting as a ‘streak’

it weird
I’ve won 10 in a row
obly 4.coubted

I havent even refreshed
did revenge too
bloody annoying
like its random

Hello . I know it’s already being addressed but sorty I can’t find it .
Is there any fix on the way ?

haha there all out of the office until after the new year let’s hope a gate is incoming

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