Letter R roadmap

Why can’t we get raulito as a supporter after we completed it? Can’t get to use his rush anymore wth

It’s the same with every roadmap. You only get the supporter from the roadmap story the first time you run it.

Next time, put your offense in defense mode at least once in every stage. This helps raulito build his ar. I would also refrain from using your own ars in these stages. The objective is to use his ar as many times as possible & not finish the stage in 2 secs by auto play. I was able to use his ar 10x by the time i got to stage 6. A little late now, but keep this in mind next time.


Ask your fac mates nicely to put him up as support toon. Some of us got it to work, some didn’t, in my faction.

It needs to be the non s class version. S class version wont work from what i hear.

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Indeed. As a faction that isn’t busting a gut to get s class toons, we had no problem getting a 6* non-s class raulito as faction support.

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