Letter Mission N

Hi Everyone. How do we complete the Negan part? Ive been seeing in forums to defeat Payback Negan 5x. where do we find this? cant see it in FA. Not even in Roadmaps. Hope someone can provide definitive answer. Tnx.

Keep an eye out for him on SR and ask in GC of anyone with him would put him up as raid defense

gold 19

SR event Gold 19? contents of sr stages vary from person to person.

They don’t vary in tournament SR.

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I just did gold 19 and no payback negan


Just ask your region chat to have anyone who has Negan to put him up alone as lead. Some are nice enough to do it. I was able to raid my way to N.

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I know where to find him you beat bronze-level in survival Road go back to bronze he’s in stage 23

None of that is accurate


I’ve already beat mine

I haven’t seen payback negan in SR. Hopefully some friendly players in your region can put him up solo

You have to beat the bronze-level first then go back to bronze go to Stage 23

I’ve finished my SR ^^

This is bronze stage 23 ^^ No payback Negan.

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Still haven’t found Negan, nobody in Morgan seems to have him.

Unless Scopely puts up a Negan map or allows friendly duels to count, may be out of luck

I found 1 in sr gold 19

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u have to dance on one foot, pat ur head, rub ur tummy, sing off tune merry Christmas and u might see it there

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Theres bound to be one in one of these outrageous amount of roadmaps have put up.

Thanks for the information. Like i mentioned, SR stages vary from player to player. They also change as you progress through SR.

Finally finished mine. Found him in Bronze 20.

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Just finish BRONZE road and get back to bronze 23 and then u will find 4 negans