Letter help please

Anyone figured the letters A, B, D, Y, O, and N yet? I need some help please. Got some dropping in arenas but what else ?Ascendance? Help guys!

Orange and red quills. Red quills are used to unlock a roadmap and a specific letter will be given. With orange quills you choose the letter you need.

It’s only possible through Arena , Red quill maps or Orange quills in the missions

You should be getting 1 Y from leveling up a yellow toon 10 times or 20 not sure

D you get from killing Green 6* Shiva 10 times in the roadmap or Raids


Only letters you get from other places but arenas, rm or selecting w orange quills are the ones that are in the first mission that spell DEPUTY

Thanks so very much!

I completed that DEPUTY one. I’m on the little letters to get quills I think . so arenas and buy? Ok. Thank you.

Thank you. Ill post these. My faction mates are having issues too. We all completed the DEPUTY. Now we are on the “days- gone- by” letters one. This is where we are struggling for letters.

Gotta keep doing arenas till you get them

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