Lets tall about 6* gator


He is not that bad of a toon, with the right mods hes really powerful, or am i just crazy


I wouldn’t use him but if ur struggling for 6*s he’s better than nothing


He’s the best dropper in the game so


Yep crazy


His atk buff with duane’s def debuff = wtf dead if ur guys are modded to def n hp for the lack of carl (thinking negan 5* here maybe with right mods on atk only) or lead with SR zeke for more ap … some interesting atk setups are possible…



I’ll just uses sr zeke like I still do


cough Kenny cough


I’d say that honor goes to Kenny… definitely better than Rosa tho


tbh I kinda forgotten about Kenny.
So kenny takes the cake I guess.


i’ve got two cough cough :v


How tall we talling? 5 foot, maybe 6?


Let’s just don’t talk about it. He was a big slap in the face by scopely and that’s it


Not really.
He went from garbage, to really useful.
Do you guys have an obsession with “slap in the face?”
anytime something happens, it’s a slap in the face.


I cant tall anymore…i was born short :frowning:


Must be from all that gator aid he drinks


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