Lets Talk to Epic Gear Map



nope isince I can not remember what the map was like

Repeated level ups with no gear map

6* T3 map is also needed, in this sort of format.

Stage 1: Practice Dummy’s (with potential drop of military watch / hand crank radio)
Stage 2: Weapon Tripods (with potential drop of military watch / hand crank radio)

With the rest of the stages having their own gear as the completion reward.
At the end we should also be rewarded with a radio/watch set, just like the school bag and walkie set with ultra maps.


But who was tier 4 gear?


yep but we need help!..of Shenglong


Hey epic gear map. How are you?


Yep. They said there would be one after the last event, though they never gave a timeframe. Technically if they release it in 2025, they still delivered on the statement.


Your sarcasm might actually be the type of answer they are looking for @SteveSanguine keep up the good work!!! :smiley:


As a collective group we would like a ultra rare gear more than once a month. Level ups are thrown out weekly but most players have run out of gear. I thought we were supposed to be getting epic and legendary gear maps as well?


Yeah, as someone who has only been playing for two months, the severe and utter lack of gear maps is absolutely awful. I just don’t have the gear to really participate in these level ups despite trying. Everything stays at the same tier, waiting until I can upgrade.

We need gear maps more than once in a blue moon.


Wish it was the case in my region. One person who is number #1 and in the #1 faction wins everything. so this person in general just wants to make the game boring by not allowing anyone else to win unless they are dedicated with their wallets. Love how its cute to see the same person and group win over and over and over and over.

Sums up my time trying in rts






I think the dragon balls doesn’t work in this universe … please RELEASE EPIC GEAR MAPS