Let's Talk Duane


Triple Stun 66ap. Im glad i have him ready :wink:


Rush is still tbd on the leak



Just saying wouldn’t bank on it being 66 ap though.


Fully aware that could always change. Just starting the convo :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a feeling he’s gonna be a good one haven’t seen a ascedable in the wheel In a long time hopefully he’s awesome


Yeah Andrea showed as 66AP when she was leaked. I think that is just like a template. Cos Andrea had 66, no lead skill showing as well


I am hoping so too. Stun 3 or all adjacent would be great if they keep it


Please don’t be 85ap


His ar will be stun 3 for 1 turn and… that’s it. Oh and his lead skill will be 40 def and 36 crit similar to his 5* version. Be asking too much to give him a new or useful specialist skill.


I’ll be happy as long he’s 6* rush is faster that the 5* version to be honest… But knowing scopely :sob:


I like his character design


Enjoy this Duane for the 1-2 days he gets in the sun before Princess drops this weekend and reminds everyone that premieres>>>legacies. I’m just glad I know what to do with the rest of this lvl up tourney now.

Edit: TBD AR? OP AF.


it might be 125 ap stunning only one enemy this time (no damage)


Gone live… still TBD


Hahahaha. Break out the cash


Truly unbelievable Scopely, even by your very low standards.

Bet you can’t actually pull him from that wheel, you can’t ascend the 5* version and he’s not in the ascendance tower.


Take a gamble, maybe he will be better than yellow negan


Fast, lets buy him. A glitch is more worth. :rofl::rofl:

He will be kickass Andrea-leads with his TBD!!


You cant even ascend the 5* Duane smh, they messed that part up to