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Dear Scopely RTS team,

5-6 days ago you sold a trainer crate, of which a player could purchase 3, that had 3 sections to it (now the following may be slightly off as I am going from memory, so I apologise if it is, but it’s in the same ballpark). The first had the option of one of:
10x Lilith, 10xUlysees, 10xBenedict, 10xBasil, 10xBrady, or 10xBurt
The second option was one of:
10xBenedict, 10xBasil, 10xBrady, 10xBurt
The third option was one of:
10xBrady, 10xBurt

One box cost 275 gold

I got all 3 and ended up with 20 Benedicts, 20 Basil’s and tons of Burts. Of which I was very happy. A team mate managed 10 Lilliths too.

Since then your boxes have been something like the following:
1 option of one of either Lilith or a random trait trainer for 300 gold
1 option of one of the following: 3xBenedicts, 3xBasils, 3xBradys, 3xBurts

For 250gold.

I do not even begin to understand the disparity between your valuations.

Now, I for one would gladly pay (real money) for coins to pull the first mentioned box, and I am pretty damn confident many others would too. You are a company, quite a successful one by the looks of it, so you must have a counter on your boxes and evaluate their popularity and the income they bring you. You must realise that far, far less people will pull the latter 2 mentioned boxes, or any of the others you have had since then that are similar, compared to the first box.

I am appealing to your business sense here. Your desire to make money. You will make more money if you put up the 1st box. Guaranteed. It is imaginary characters that literally costs you the few seconds of the salary for your programmers to put it in, which you may note, you are paying for anyway, to put the poorer choices in. So it realistically costs you nothing, yet the gains will be much larger than the usual boxes you put in that very few people touch.
On top of that (although I do imagine this point will have very little sway at all in comparison to the above), it will most likely make your player base a lot happier to be able to regularly access a decent trainer box, rather than waiting a few months for another such offer to come around and getting disappointed everytime they check out trainer box offers and see the very poor offers that are most often on display.

I hope this is actually ‘taken to the team’ and is read by you.

Kind Regards,


I highly doubt this will ever be read by the team. Feel free to discuss your thoughts on such disparity below.


It is quite ridiculous as the drop is massive but I think that people will have better things to spend their gold on like op premieres unless they are nothing else to spend it on or are in dire need in trainers


you can buy a trainer bag in the leagues store that is a good deal and i appreciate scopely putting there and it is good value to cost ratio and have a good day


Tbf, I’m one of those who likes spending my gold on good trainer offers. You know roughly what you are getting and the RNG doesn’t and can’t punish you too hard. For example, the box offer I pulled above, for 275 coins, the very worst I could have got was 30 Burts. Now don’t get me wrong - I wouldn’t choose to spend 275 gold on 30 Burts, but it’s not too bad if you do end up with just Burts and no Benedicts or Lilliths.
I just dont understand their completely wacky valuations from a decent deal to a ridiculous rip-off in the space of 1 day. It’s almost as if they think the player base has no memory.

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Stop trolling Kook. You know full well that box has been a huge disappointment to everyone. That’s as much as you are getting out of me on this thread.


i’m not kook i’ve said this many times over im just a player with my own opinions thank you i hope you have a good day


i agree thank you for being nice :smile_cat:


Kook x 3? You make the call :arrow_up:


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Mine is hidden too but I’m just a friendly player with an own opinion and its nice that scopely puts up these offers so players can have a pleasant gaming experience and have a good day

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