Lets talk about "Realm Migration"

So how would this work? Will this be limited to dead regions? Will you place a lock on new regions so everyone with a deep roster dosen’t go and take their toons to a brand new region like Jeff Davis? If not, this will be a disaster waiting to happen @kalishane

Hi Plagueis,

It’s looking like the time to develop this is so intensive we are looking for other ideas again.

I was worried about those issues too.


Solo migration then? Can you make whaleless region please?

So out of they things moving in other (positive) direction, we’re left with the new road map (fail) and weapon lock (no actual impact on the game beyond a minor convenience, although players deal with it just fine now)

Hi Ms. Kali,
While I have your undivided attention, can we please get a preview of the Christmas event wheel? pls

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Just go with the obvious idea that’s been floated to Scopely for the past two years and merge similar regions together.

If opening regions to new players is off the table, if realm migration is off the table, and if even MERGING is off the table, what the hell else is even left?


Something needs to be done, especially with dead regions. Sumter is below 100 on the board for every solo event, and I’m sure other regions are just as bad, if not worse.


I would advise purchasing the newly revised 30 day pass. It’s sure to invigorate things in your region.

I think a problem is the number of dead accounts bloating regions. For every region with 500 active players, there’s another 500-1000 who play once in a while, and probably 5-10k who haven’t played since they downloaded and then uninstalled 1-2 years ago. Before merging happens they need to get rid of those. But… some of these dead accounts could have had money spent on them, and they could come back tomorrow and wonder where their accounts gone, sounds like a potential risk of refunds on a massive scale. I’m guessing that’s the issue with mergers. I might be way off the mark, but it kinda makes sense to me


Easy solution. Just create a brand new region solely for migrated accounts. The region will be locked from any brand new accounts new to the game but veteran players from other regions will have access to it for the sole purpose of transferring ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Take it to the team please @kalishane

edit: And make it a one time only thing per account. Such as, a player cannot transfer all 3 of his accounts from various regions to the new one. Only one account can do it.


I met 100.000th+ ranked player, so it is possible that most regions have less then 1% or even, 0.1% players active. This game is lead by statistical error obviously.

combining regions would certainly freshen up stale alliances and push a level of competitiveness…

That said, it needs to be done carefully not to disrupt the balance of each one…

To the players the biggest issue being, how do you combine equal level regions and will prizes pools be also updated to reflect more people? equal maturity and strength levels

To Scopely, if done improperly, retirement rate will escalate significantly as people wont feel they can compete.
if done properly (read: balanced) people might like the gentle shakeup and would push people to be more active. Maybe if it’s even a temporary thing that would last 2-3 months would be interesting and not permanent test.

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:joy::joy::joy::joy: thank you for that suggestion!

That sounds nice :slight_smile: , I think the bigger issue is developing a way to migrate players and their content that is not entirely manual.

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This has to be addressed one way or another, just check the latest activity thread and statistics i compiled there.

  • 72% of regions are below average number of players
  • Most crowded 17 regions in this list has close number of player of the remaining 41 regions.
  • Most crowded region Winston has close number of players of lowest 8 regions.
  • Min population is as low as 83 which not even 3 full factions.

These are the facts just i see with such a small work, i also think it might be possible that higher player numbers in some regions might point to newer regions where people try to start over in a new region and they raise the average.

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Mind you, @DreamWalker has used only
ACTIVE people that participated in events recently for his calculations, not inactive accounts.

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it would create a Pro-League region… most whales would likely go.
Curious what that would do to the regions they leave behind? Would that increase competition or interest?

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I would like to move my Chilton roster because the region sucks now :disappointed_relieved:

This issue needs to be given priority over adding new features, which are useless to players stuck in dying and dead regions. It’s not practical for players to start again from scratch, especially after spending so much time and money.

I’d suggest the following:

  • Implement individual moves. There must be no active tournament and the player must first leave their faction. They can pick which region they wish to move to from Options -> Regions. Any eligible region will have a Move button to initiate the move and confirm yes/no.

  • There needs to be sensible limits such as only allowing move to a similar or older age region to prevent newer regions being dominated and ruined by powerful players from old regions. To prevent misuse by players moving non-stop, after a cool-off period of a few days, charge coins to move again. This will start off at a high value (E.g: 10K) and then reduce each month that they remain in the region until it’s free again after say 6 months.

  • On a regular monthly basis, automatically move inactive accounts that have not logged in for 6 months or more to a closed region for inactive players. This will keep regions free of too many inactive accounts and make room for players from other regions to move there. If an inactive user logs in again in future, display a message telling them that they were moved due to inactivity and invite them to move to another active region.

  • After the above housekeeping, automatically open any region that currently has less than say 3K players. Close any region with more than 5K to prevent any region becoming too bloated (It will open again if it drops below 3K in the future.)

  • New players will always join the newest regions so they have a fair chance to compete with similar low level players.

  • Merge two or more regions that have a very low number of players. Send out a notification message a few days in advance and schedule the move to occur between tournaments. If players are unhappy with the new merged region, they can easily move to another region of their choice. Implement individual moves first though before region merges (Individual should be less complex and easier to implement.)


there will be no perfect way to do this as any data being the main drive to a decision of how to do it will keep constantly changing due to daily ins and outs from the game. In addition to having players play multiple regions which makes multiple entities just a mirage.

While competition is always welcomed to me, i know for a certainty that if a faction is currently number 2 in a region and suddenly there was 2/3 other factions competing for top spots due to a merge, it will surely cause some retirements which is why i think scopely is being hesitant to move forward with this.

There is no better way doing this than announcing that a region will be closed in 1 week then give players the power to freely hop regions (specified list of regions that needs more population) for tests or whatever. The region they are in when that 1 week notice is up will be the region they will be locked in. To ensure and push for quick decisions as to which region a player will choose - a cap could be created to join a region and once filled its too late to choose it (like having a quota).

I don’t see any other smoother way of doing it.