Let's Talk About Outdated Content(Armory, Specialist Skills, Skipping Wait Costs & Items)

Yes, it works on all weapon effects.

Even when you’re blocked?

What do you mean by that?

If AD activates does disarm still activate?

Disarm doesn’t allow weapon effects to take place, so it will counter it.

A disarm specialist can never be blocked by AD. And if they land a crit hit, the AD weapon can’t work against the rest of your team, either, creating safe targets for you to generate AP.


This nails what others have been trying to tell you @Drip

As long as disarm procs the door to the defence is open, no matter what special trait weapons/shields/multi revives you have

Whilst your bouncing off 5 ad/stun/impair weapons and stun/confuse/taunt resist mods, those with disarm have killed you and moved to next camp

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Disarm has to proc though.

Yes it does but with crit weapons, crit chance mods, crit lead bonus etc the chances of disarm working are considerably higher.

If disarm doesn’t work turn 1 you can always defend with everyone else and start again t2. Raid will still be over in 4 turns rather than 3

With the correct weapon and mods they will proc over 75 percent of the time

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This is why I was telling everyone in my faction to take Bruce instead of Sandy if they didn’t already have a disarm. So much easier to charge ARs

I have a killer offense right now but it wouldn’t be half as good without Bruce. I’m not saying that HS isn’t a valuable skill but disarm is the best without question. My defense did dramatically improve after I got Jesus but it only slows down teams that don’t run a disarm

What would be the best offensive team with disarm? Defensively, I’m using Lydia lead, Holly, Tobin, Jesus and Mackenzie with defense, AP down and resist modifiers and huge AP when attacking weapons on my healers/revivers. You still confident it’d take just 3-4 turns?

I take those teams out in 3 turns as long as Bruce does his thing

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Tell me how.

That Shawn that everyone was dogging on

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I’d hit Jesus T1 and t2, then i’d use alice to focus and buff attack, then i’d smash you to pieces

3 turns, under 20econds, 3x semi auto

Easily Drip if you have a disarm lol

I think Drip is trying to string this out, 200+ comments to say disarm is the best ha ha bravo Drip, time to put this thread to bed

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So as soon as you realize you can’t wipe my team out in 3 turns you want this thread done?