Let's Talk About Outdated Content(Armory, Specialist Skills, Skipping Wait Costs & Items)

The armory is outdated. It’s been like 2 years since it’s been released and nothing has been added or adjusted. IMO, I think that every special stat upgrade should be available for each of the 4 weapon traits in the armory. It would instantly make combat more challenging. Special stats like burn and bleeding need a big buff because they’re extremely underwhelming in today’s meta. I think these 2 things should be a % of health instead of being a flat value. How about adding some confusion and taunt special stats to the armory? This would make confusion and taunt based modifiers more useful and would make combat much more interesting.

Many specialist skills need an adjustment. How is it fair for 1 specialist skill(human shield) to be so much better than the rest? There isn’t even an argument that could be made that could convince people that human shield isn’t the best specialist skill. It’s unbalanced in the sense that no other specialist skill is as impactful as it. You can argue that human shield is the only thing making defenses competitive but can we agree to altering human shield in a way that allows other specialist skills to have the spotlight, while making the game more competitive? It’s not really possibly to make the other specialists skills better with the way human shield is now. Do you really want to see HS on every defense team instead of a variety of specialist skills?

The cost to skip construction and crafting is too much. Who would spend $50 to get a failed impair rifle a day and a half earlier? The same goes for things like training. No one is spending a couple hundred for a 3% at green Glenn.

Item prices are also ridiculous. 650 coins for an emery board? I don’t even know what an emery board is or what you craft with this. I’m pretty sure that energy bars are cheaper in real life than in this game(20 coins).

These things shouldn’t be left to collect dusts while you add content that no one really asks for. Did I miss anything?


Not getting an update. Fixed weapons are all the rage nowadays


I like the sound of an armoury update, but the special weapons are the main reason that sways a decision when buying a toon for some.

Shields aren’t unbalanced at all, easily beatable and become punching bags after a disarm.

I know some whales that have spent silly money trying to get a weapon crafted in time before war has started. The shop items that are overpriced I agree is completely stupid.

You missed the supply depot getting a much overdue lick of paint, persona trainers need scrapping asap and prices need significantly lowered, maybe even change the timer to daily or every 2 days? A week to wait for a chance at the ascendable you need is annoying when there is a pool of about 30 odd toons.

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I would love to see the armory updated. Even the basic -30def vs enemies with less than 30 hp (for example) making it something like 50% or 60% -def. There are alot of different options they could do but honestly we have had glitched territories since release and updating armory wouldn’t boost sales much and the premieres with special weapons look less appealing.

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Lets not

I think we need more hemorrhage. Maybe hemorrhage II, bleed multiples by 2 instead of adding 300 per turn.


Can you agree that if balance meant that all of the specialist skills were equal to each other in effectiveness, HS is unbalanced? Also, I’m not saying make combat less challenging but change the way the combat is challenging.

Just realized this is the old human shield is too powerful person again. I think this comes up everytime he asks for anything.
Human shield is not the most powerful specialist again its easy go get around if you use the right counters. No team will defend every attack nor will every attacker have 100%wins.

For a moment, I thought you meant hemorrhoid…lol Terrible weapon power! lol


Whole game needs a revamp. NEXT


A rather tragic death, but less embarrassing than being killed by a Harlan.


The craftable bleed is absolute garbage, 70 bleed damage is nothing


If it isn’t then what is? Please enlighten me.


70 bleed x 4 turns was devastating… … … Back in the 3* era. Aahhhh, the good ole days


you have crit success and this chit pops up. like seriously, earl dude go and fy if that is critical for me. free toons with fixed weapons give 400 burn damage and you are crafting this chit? gtfo.


It really isn’t unbalanced. Just like other specialist skills it is easily bypassed, use focus and voila. If anything it’s too easy to get around.

We can talk about it all we want but scopely is not listening, its like they plug their ears and scream “LA LA LA!” Whenever we have input but ya know… Keep surviving :hugs:


The thing about balance is that it goes deeper than “can you counter it with this”. Think of it this way, if a character in a game can K.O you in 3 hits but they’re a few characters that can counter that character, is the 3-hit character balanced?

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Good Points already, but there are even more.

The Daily Missons. Literally the only good things in it are the 15 Coins and Cans. Who still does Special Missons for a Bloody Shirt or a Smelling Salt?

Premier 4*, 4* Tokens

The 4* in Premier are the same since Ascendance was introduced and some
Characters are even longer there. They
shortly added atleast alot Characters for
a short time, most likely to lure people into
buying Survivor Club and then changed back for godamn reason and I won’t spend a single cent into Game anymore until they come back, but back to the Topic. What they added was not perfect, but do that again and then remove the unusable characters and good is.

About 4* Token it is a bit more tricky. Some say just remove them, I say why? There aren’t Prizes or anythink so I don’t get that argument. Anyway to make them useful again throw all Characters except for the 3 Exclusive out and put other good in and they should be Exclusive.

Basic and Helper Tokens.
What to say there as they really No place in the Game anymore. But Instant of removing them they could some. Helper Tokens take a tad longer to fill so they should give 3* Chars and Weapons to complete Collections and so on with a chance at 4* Chat or Weapon. Basic Tokens should be freed from all 1* Chars and 1* & 2* Weapons. Then they should start giving things like Persona Trainers like Lara or Stewart. Also Tokens could work Great aswell and they could introduce 4* Promos there (The last one was a joke [Problably])


I think same way they make us pay for useless shit then we should be able to sell them back (obviously for a lesser amount) for coins