Let's talk about food conversion

The possibility of converting food through the SD markers was one of the best improvements brought to the game. But I think there is room to evolve it further.


Instead of single conversions (100k food per 150 points), Scopely could add the “+” and “-” buttons in the same format as the bag offers.


I know it isn’t in the top priority considering everything else needing improvements in the game, but I believe it is not a very complex modification and would be very handy at LU tournaments. What do you think?

  • Current model is fine.
    (get 100k food for each conversion)
  • “Bag offers” model would be better.
    (multiple conversions with “+” and “-” buttons)

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This has been requested since they added it.
And yet we’re still waiting. Such a simple fix surly?


A while back, one of the devs even commented that it was an easy fix.
and yet, here we are.

Serve them up. I’ll summarize and present another list :slightly_smiling_face:.


If you have a list going, can you put on no salvage tokens needed to replay a stage. Farming is so boring but necessary with all the level ups.

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I have another idea for your list. We all know the the ai is really stupid, but auto is 3x faster than manual. If the speed setting would also apply in manual mode, we could play manually again without have the disadvantage that it is so much slower. What do you think?


An even easier fix would be to simply have 1 million food for sale.


Not me, pray for this person’s sanity. Don’t even want to know how long it took to claim everyone of them

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That’s alot of tappy tappy tap tap. I hope they don’t develop carpal tunnel syndrome.

I’m even more impressed they didn’t accidentally claim the alpenstock.


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