Let's talk about "Fog of war"

So scopley ,
Many players spent gold tickets (x10_…) To get the highest score in Arena .
This morning I woke up and see my self ranked 76 or something like that , after being 5th last night
And of course 65 places were taking by your little “fog”
That wasn’t a good idea for me to spent gold tickets or what ?

This fog hides the score of the top rank. I think yo can see the score of 5 players that are upper in the ranking.

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yes…it does. Its not a conspiracy. It just hides them.

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It’s a conspiracy. Scopely is hiding something sweet and delicious under that fog and it is up to us to find out what it could be


It’s a new Aiko.


lol…that will please a few Red

In all seriousness, I hate the fog of war bs. No way am I gonna throw coin or resources at something unless I know it might be worth it. I know the idea is to make people spend more bc they can’t see there’s no chance to catch up, but at least for me and everyone I’ve talked to, not knowing just makes us want to try less. Maybe if i knew the guy i was trying to pass in leagues was in the fog, i might be enticed to go for it. If i knew his score was reachable too ofc. Fog just makes me do the minimum to reach some milestones.

Just more shady tactics by scopely to get at your coin is how i see it.


Sweet and delicious? New Aiko? It’s all starting to line up


roll the dice…who cares.

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I “roll the dice” in enough areas of this game. Now I gotta do it again if I want to just see if I even have a chance to place high? Nah, I’ll save my coins for tournaments where i know if i have a shot or not.

Yesterday’s was a great example… Saw SS where people were scoring several 100k. No way am i gonna spend 2k coins for a 10x Entry just to find out I’m barely top 20 or lower. Not worth the risk.

But maybe in my division, the top score was 85k. Might be worth trying then. But since i don’t know thatx there’s no way ill be spending any coin just to find out. Let alone enough for the 10x entry (2500 coins) that would be necessary to have a shot.


Way too many people with too much money to burn out there, score in my current league for just 1 ring is 100k​:confounded::confounded:

My guess is chocolate cake. Or red velvet cake. Or maybe some (strawberry?) ice cream in a cone. Maybe opened with a door that needs a blue key to unlock it?

Deceptive practices?!
Addiction exploitation?!
Pure greed?!
And more…


Milestone reward also increased to 7 from 6 to enter champions areana, Why Scopes Why just typical :joy: