Let's talk about:Earl Sutton

I decide to make this little post cuse I see. A lot of hate on this little buddy, but I dont know why so let’s start
Earl Sutton the first f2p Disarm 6*
Rush: a 3 attack :same as Harper but whit a big gap he can make 6 attacks if you are in a lucky strike 5 and 4 attacks are good too
Active Skill is 50/50 Stun and Ap Gain not a big one but a useful one
Now here is my opinion

I love the idea of six attacks its a lot of damage if you have a buffer and a debuffer (Jeremiah and Red Sandy) and the stun also is good if you dont want a reviver use his rush
Maybe he isn’t the killing machine but he is a warrior and a headache in attack team

Here’s an idea of team with synergy all f2p I see a lot of Jeremiah Here and Sandy is from a past event so it counts if you have Blue Carl you can use 5 Kate as a buffer

Thanks for reading and until next time
Sorry for edits big fingers small phone
Tell me if you want another review
*Ex p2w now a f2p but I prefer the name Playing 2 Win


He a great. I wouldn’t mod him like that but can be a wonderful asset

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4 at max for me with a double attack weapon. Has anyone gotten 6?

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i wont call him great, he’s ok-ish. He made no big difference for my team mostly use him in SR and roadmaps, tbh white shiva been more useful for me.

Try a bleed mod for the multi attacks. I’m really liking him too

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Yeah, payback’s a bitch.

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I have 5 and 2 kills thats why maybe

6* Andrea at T3 is definitely not F2P. Just saying. :sunglasses:


He went right into my Pete killing team so he’s been great for me. Can rush most payback toons and the ones he can’t die to basic attacks.

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Well that’s true :frowning: anyway some other Hs or tanky for the weak team I show is good enough

I BLEED them all to Death! :grin:
i also use Stun Gun Ajax and Yellow Kal for control


for a moment i thought you talked about Blue Andrea :rofl:, i always forget that SC Andrea exists!

Nah mate. Bruce is the first F2P disarm.

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Just because he’s arguably the first F2P disarm doesn’t mean he’s good. I agree he’s not bad but he’s shit to be the only league toon out there. His rush is so basic. Just like Leon. F2P toons are having absolute garbage for rushes

Had me at “little buddy”

Just because it’s basic doesn’t mean it’s not effective. All disarm rushes are basically the same just more damage per hit which is bad for payback

Yes exactly but why are all F2P toons getting the shaft when it come to their AR. I agree a disarm is always useable

I used him to Crush walkers in nightmare SR Didn’t really count . he kept going and going bam bam bam.

Shield Andrea for f2p? oh hell, how you got her?

Love it michelle as always gets my kal to pop rd 2 when need to control and ajax stun is so awesome lol my main stays also