Let's talk about a real issue Platinum mods

So how are we supposed to stay motivated to grind out SR to get the points for Platinum mods when you spend 800k to get back to back crit trait mods. It was nothing good either mind you I got a life steal and def vs fast. You put the cost way to high for it to be so RNG. With the time invested to get the 400k it’s not worth it. You have completely wrecked the SR Depot economy structure the cost for 1 Brady that I can get free daily makes no sense. You give away daily something you want people to save week for. Either drop the prices or let us pick which trait mod we want


Fun fact: Don’t spend 800k for back to back crit mods.

Wait till they go on extreme and super sale so you can buy 3-4 platinum mods rather than buying 2.


Only to get 3 back to back crit mods


I’ve only gotten a sale twice since they came out. That’s about 80 days.


I’m at 1 mod on regular sale, 5 from super sale.

Your bucket may vary


Weird how ppl are so worried about plat mods which really not so great. Armory tokens are the far greater issue.

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True been sitting at 46k for what seems like forever

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Of course. But given the high cost of platinum mods, it’s in the best interest to wait till a sale at least.

Absolute agreement. Total disrespect of people’s time… the antithesis of a good gaming experience

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Well isn’t that lucky

My experience? Xmas Shiva loves her new plat mods

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I am the same, I have no idea why I always seem to be at this magical number.

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Have you made her viable with those mods, Parker?

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Meh. I don’t mind the slow release of platinum mods. Finally something f2p can progress at the same rate.

The real RNG problem in this game is the new armory. What a joke that is.

Crit set is pretty dire for most (although I like them for Hengyen and James) and is coming up a surprising amount apparently.
What’s even worse is bottom left, regardless of what set (becuase lets face it, nobody is getting ap down).
It seems most players are either getting crit set mods or bottom left mods. Wonder why that is? Surely it’s just a coincidence that these happen to be the worst results we could possibly pull?

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Other way around, it was the only way to make those mods viable :joy: :sob:

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AP down is actually one of the mods that get worse as quality increases. At gold, you can already drain like 40+ AP. Would increasing the max from 50 to 65 really help when you’re already draining that much?

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That is actually an exceptionally good point. I’d applied that logic to the green ap down weapons (30 compared to 50) to decide that it wasn’t worth resetting and going for, but hadn’t applied it to mods yet. The only benefit then would be the slightly increased stats they give.

So what is good in the bottom left aside from Graze (Plat wise)?

Bleed can be good especially with lacerator and the new weapons.

Any of the bonuses while under effect are still good, but also still largely situational. As the meta shifts from one status effect prominence to another, some of the mods can get better.