Lets Talk About 2019 Reward Changes

With 2019 has seen some big changes to large parts of the game in regards to rewards. Leagues, levelup and War have been the main areas changed thus far and no doubt raid and SR will be in the mix soon.

The league changes were announced but by now everyone will know - leagues coins had massive changes. It also seems like divisions were expanded so more people are competing for less in each division.

for giggles I created a new region and did 6 raids and received my now new weekly reward for doing so upon logging in today. Versus competing all week on my main regions.

how to fix: honestly needs just overall balancing, within 2weeks leagues has become more stale than it ever was with people I have talked to.

One of the bigger issues is stepping stones system removed for newer players with the current levelup rewards, while the RNG bags were not amazing at least there was a baseline of what you would receive if you competed - the current structure sees the majority of people receive zero main rewards over a 3week (6-10 tournament) period.

Levelup tournaments now provide no consistent game progression and the best way to approach them is to hoard and then go in for wins - but because of the milestone structure for events this is difficult to do while also going for needed milestones.

how to fix: A new low tier hand in for the placement items (platinum medals, etc) would resolve the issues within levelup. 500 hand in gets you 1K 5* Tokens. Newer players definitely need something to play for or they will end up just not playing.

The new war stashes are potentially good however they don’t last for very long - it seems like the aim here is to force the hand of higher tier players to buy bags / offers to make up the tokens they require to complete the first stash.

CRW rewards reflect this as only the first handful of factions get enough to complete the rewards - CRW reward structure still seems to be done as if there were 3-4 competing regions rather than the 8 that are actually competing.

24th place in CRW = 3rd place in AOW, but the CRW rewards for those positions are closer to 11-40 placements in AOW. CRW is meant to be the flagship event of the game it is already extremely boring, time consuming and enforced to compete in War, at least reward people for doing so.

how to fix: Increase CRW rewards to be in line with AOW - balance it for 8 regions. Make the stashes last multiple Wars (4+) make calculations where lower factions/players have something to compete for - 5* era warring was bad for non top tier players, lets not make it that way again.


a good read, shame it’s going to be “taken to the team”

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I don’t expect direct changes, if it can influence changes or spark ideas then great - but something does need to happen as these rewards aren’t working long term. Almost every change seems to push lower activity rather than higher activity.

Tin foil hat time boys


Just put my tinfoil hat on. Should the sunsetting theory be revived again?


can’t see the problem with this war stashes :’)

I think ur pointing out on some critical changes, changes that will help the game improve and be joyful again… take the joy out of this game and ur willingly closing the door on urself…

thank you for ur time on making that vid… :slight_smile:

Don’t coins carry across regions? Does that mean If I create an account in each region, I can earn a load of coins by just raiding a few times in each?


Coins carry over to all regions, but you only receive coin rewards from leagues in one.

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I like watching sunsets while the dead walk around :wink:

This is getting bad… And of course you will get nothing but silence. I am sure it is too much to ask war tokens to carry over or top 24 factions in crw to get a pull. I mean those pixels cost scopely lots!

Forgot to add - BUT we got a chat filter! We should be rejoicing!

They just try to change something good into a trash since in their minds they think they are making something amazing to help player but they dont. The worst f2p company that dont use a playerbase feedback to improve game


the level up one is very annoying i always do rather well on the level ups i’m still on the bottom tier. frankly it’s a waste of time and gets harder because you max out your 6stars or whatever.

and the league thing is bs too. If you want more competitive scene fine but remove coins for the ones who are demoted and give the top players more


It’s really crazy to me that a game could be so much fun and so disappointing at the same time.

I have been the person to quit a few times and start back up because it’s something genuinely fun to me to do in spare time. However, it’s getting to the point of “not worth my time” and “boring” once again. Judging by the amount of people retiring after this weekend, it’s evident many others are thinking the same way.

Everyone’s main goal in the game is to get a good defense team along with a good attack team and to have fun while doing so. Except the problem is, usually when you work hard on something, there is some kind of beneficial outcome, however the amount of money people spend on this game is no longer worth the rewards that they receive from any kind of event!

Time and time again a better war reward structure has been requested from everyone. A normal gaming company would jump right on it and address the issue quickly, in hopes to keep their player base “addicted” to their game. The only good CRW rewards I can recall is the Siddiq one which was over a year ago. Sad, right?

Time and time again a decap and disarm have been requested from ftp players, and so rather than giving us a decap and/or disarm for leagues, they give two just ok toons and a very challenging(for many FTP) event instead that could end up with you being short on pieces to cash in anyway.
Time and time again territories have been requested to be fixed, for as long as they have been in the game!!! I mean really?!
Time and time again we have requested for new events, or at least a different pattern, amounts, etc, but they have yet to address this is anyway as well. What happened to territory wars, limited time territories, onslaught, etc?

Excuse my anaphoric patterns but I think it’s quite obvious that Scopely knows what is wrong with their game and simply don’t care because people keep spending on it anyway.

Tl;dr summarization:
There’s many issues that have needed addressed for a very long time. Scopely knows about them all and takes very long to even have their CMs address it to the public. People will keep leaving until there aren’t enough people to even run one region. Money being the main priority to a game’s company makes a potentially very good game turn to garbage.


“devastating to new players” [current longer events]

“massively geared towards premium element”
“players didnt get rewards over a month and a half”
“War rewards are really bad”
“it was enjoyable… now people have nothing to look forward to”
“now theres nothing, theyve got no rewards” (re: stache)

“Three big changes, all have been big letdowns.
Making every single tournament be a premium tournament is definately not the way to go”

so how do you really feel?

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No, but you can at least get some coins with minimal effort as opposed to none in the higher tier leagues without paying.

I just wanted to give my two cents. I am glad you are trying to improve things but scopely is pressing this game to pay to play… There is no other solution I can think of. You basically stated as much in the video. I am glad you are coming around and seeing what others have seen for a long time.

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Actually in the original post and the video I outlined basic ways to fix issues within each of the reward structures, levelup and war having pretty easy solutions.

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Yes you stated how to fix it. But they are pushing a pay to play narrative so regardless of what suggestions you or anyone else makes they are going to try to play the gotcha game and leave you 15 war coins short so you buy the 35 dollar offer. Every single event is going this way now… if you cannot be first or second on multiple levelups gotta buy the lug nuts. want that stash for war gotta buy war coins… The one thing in common for everything is have to buy before they expire.


Isnt it funny faction onslaught seems to have disappeared, Im guessing because no one spent money on it because it had no rewards lol It had potential as an event if it actually had milestones or something. But if no one was going to spend on it, scopely dumped it I guess