Let's spend coins +900.000 gold now

this is a normal look the gold total is always lower then the other totals :slightly_smiling_face:

Your just Jelious bro don’t hate on him for being smarter then you I have around the same amount waiting

Awesome work bro thanks for the free coins @JB.Scopely



lol…i cant help but laff.

People actually think that this amount was farmable from skull tokens lol. Sheeeesh

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Why wasn’t it over 200 regions

I’m sure not everyone had enough time to do all 200 regions. And even if they did, the average was around 700-1000 per region. There literally no chance anyone got that high. It took a long time for players to get into a region and be accepted. The highest number I have heard was under 50k. 1 million is quite unbeliavble imo


Get gud rickgrime

You are obviously an assclown if you cannot see that this is fake. So, just stop your childish trolling.

I hit 25K, working a lot of regions. It wasn’t as easy as pop in pop out. Quite a few regions just weren’t cashing people in at the time I was there. And then quite a few were 400 to 600 pulls. So just agreeing it isn’t possible. 40K to 70K maybe. Might be a few100K.

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I’m totally disheartened now after this new exploit being a small fish spender. I just don’t see the upside anymore

Damn wish I would’ve got some.coins like other players did. Damn it.

Took me about a hour to hit 20k … And that’s about right i averaged 900 to 1100 each time. I did get a 5k drop lol

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