Let's see your league bag pulls!


These league bags a pretty terrible if you ask me but it is only my first one!


I got the same thing! Not worth 2k tokens at all.

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Agreed minimum should at least be a basil. They should also make Ulysses and Liliths deprecate. Same with gear.


Opened 5. Got 4 Liliths and 2 x Ulysses. And 4 burts and one Brady I think. Not great tbh.

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same. 1 lillith or uly and 1 trainer every time. Me thinks there is something wrong with them

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Opened 3:


After 12 opens…

Only this pile of shit.


Great value bags :joy::joy::joy:


I have bought all 20 bags with the following result: 1x2 Lilith, 1x5 Ulysses and in the other 18 bags only 1x Ulysses or 1x Lilith :v:t2:

PS: PS: My husband also bought all the bags: 1x2 Ulysses, 1x2 Lilith, 18x 1 Ulysses / Lilith :laughing:

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11 pulls for me for 4 liliths… very disgusting


19 pulls, 5 x 1 Lilith, 14 x 1 Ulysses. Absolute joke.


40k league tokens for 20 bags? No thx, I knew it’s a scam

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Same xD so trash


not bad for me… 3 open so far… 7 lilliths, 2 Ulysses and a bunch of 2, 3 and 4 star trainers and some gear


Wow I can’t believe it. Out of 10 league bags I got 3 Lilths and 7 Uyleyes


This whole game is a scam.


Whoever thought this bag was a better option then a toon must be smoking some strong stuff as it is utter shit. I’ll even say it in my language -> Esta sacola é a MAIOR merda que podiam ter colocado na liga a substituir um toon.

I have opened it 10x and I got 1Lilith or 1Ulysses everytime! ONLY ONE. (and I got 10 Burts 1x as well like its so amazing.)
This is why people like to see odds. It takes away the chock of crappy pulls. @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely


40k tokens later… 3 lilith, lots of Ulysses, a few Burts…

Cant see how “The Team” thinks this is an improvement. Hopefully I won’t be around when they decide to stop making improvements.


They knew people had a horde of tokens and felt they needed to reduce them so that some people wouldn’t just be able to pull what they wanted in future to make the future toons seem more valuable and to also make people push to get those tokens back (despite the fact they had earned the tokens in the first place). What better way than tempting gambling with a bag that doesn’t show the odds…
Typical Scopely.
Did anybody honestly expect anything different?


Spot on I’m afraid… certainly seems this way.

Highly disappointing. My 20 bags I only ever got more than 1 lillith or Ulysses twice. One 2x lillith and one 5 x Ulysses.

The thing that is really disappointing is this is a real kick in the crown jewels for the f2p - as the excess of season tokens generally came from the backdating of those milestones for reaching certain tiers in the league rankings. Now I have used 40k on these bags for very very little reward.

Looking back to last season. Both regina and charlie were solid characters. Filled a need - decap that dealt true damage to counter the shield revive meta. Another toon that guaranteed a taunt to deal with shields if u didn’t have a disarm. Great!

Now season 5 we have a very lacklustre decap. Decap yellow is nice. But as everyone has said the rush is meh and the active could have been good if it was 100% HR.

I just don’t understand the logic of this and how this helps to encourage new people to the game.

I hope scopely listen to the feedback and adjust for next season. Shame that we have a 2 month wait on that.

At least we have the trial by fire and nightmare sr to look forward to.