Lets see those s-class Mercer pulls here

Since s-class is now able to be pulled directly from the wheel, let’s see those lucky buckets :grin:

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I am going to make a 1 pull, wish me luck


Is he worth 100 pulls for in all honesty? I’ve got enough for 200 pulls and want some honest opinions on the dude

A lot are really up in arms over Mercer that he is really op, he is a damn good toon. If you want, go for him. I wont simply for his dumb santa suit.


I got 6 of him off a single pull


Reserving my post for my four star pull

Thinking joebob or chad


You sound upset.

I dont understand what or how you came to that but ok. Bad trolling is still bad.

No one here is trolling.

I didn’t do a pull and got him twice




Well to let you know, im not upset, im actually going to enjoy the shit show this will be lol


100 pulls is for the five star version. No chance it’s for the S class version.

Well I know that, I was just wondering if it was worth doing all 100 pulls or doing so many.

I think his odds are going to be even lower. Prob .01

I’ll probably just do the 100 pulls anyway. I was considering it even before I’d noticed you could directly get the S Class

Isnt that the odds now? I mean i dont believe those odds anyways but they are so low as is i dont think it matters.

Not available on mine yet

Oh he’s in the museum… will he be on the next wheel?

What do you mean?Mercer is only in the tower and not the wheel.He looks like shit other then his weapon<–hope for a buff after saying this lol.

But weapon Chance vs mod percent still has yet to be explained in detail by Scopely(laughs) so who knows what the real numbers are and mods vary.