Lets see those priyas

Loving this 4th slot on priyas weapon. Anyone have any ideas on what else to add to her weapon?

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should have gone double attack a 50 att

Would have got a double attack to go along with this, upgrade the attack next

All about the huge damage to ap when being attacked in slot 4

#EarlFuckedMeOver #NoPartsLeft #FuckTheArmoury

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Absolutely loving this weapon, makes priya feel like shes actually using a bazooka. Kept the daze instead of going for a double attack because it denies the usually doc Steven’s command strats. Can turn 3-4 most teams as long as priya doesn’t get impaired by a damn raulito.


Kinda regret not going for the double but she hits alot worth rampage

It may take a while but you can make a alternate weapon and swap it on her. Not stuck with just one setup anymore

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Now that I’m thinking about it, would the double attack be able to set off a rampage on crit? That could possibly be even more fun

This weapon. Let’s me win a lot of matches.


Nice Chris !

This is what I’m using


The double atk and crit is a epic upgrade? I don’t remember seeing that b4. Where do i research that?

Slayer 4. All the info in that post.

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I’m low on armory tokens after working on Pete’s weapon lol

I should have used Rampage then. Will have to research that one then.


Just top up her attack. And work on some “+15% att and +35 Crit to all adjacent teammates” weapons for the rest of the team. 8K attack is just the start, you can potentially get her attack stat up over 20K.

What do that blue background mean? Bronze,silver, gold, platinum, diamond?? What’s after diamond?

No clue. I just know it looks real nice

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